The Brazilian Navy takes medical and dental care to riverside dwellers in the Pantanal

The Hospital Assistance Ship traveled about 1,500 km and assisted ten communities

By Agência Marinha de Notícias – Brasília, DF

After sailing about 1,500 km through the Northern Branch of the Paraguay River, from Corumbá to the city of Cáceres (MT), the Hospital Ship “Tenente Maximiano” returned to Ladário (MS) on Thursday (9). The result of this operation was the assistance given to 586 people from ten riverside communities, with 366 medical and 220 dental consultations.

The support was part of the Civic-Social Assistance (ACiSo) and Medical-Hospital Assistance (ASSHOP) Actions of the Brazilian Navy, through the 6th Naval District Command and the Mato Grosso Flotilla Command, from January 16 to February 9.

In addition, ACiSo was held at the “Casa Lar” Orphanage, in Cáceres (MT), and a presentation was given to the youth of the “Guarda Mirim de Cáceres” project about the naval military career, ways to join the Navy, and the mission of a Hospital Assistance Ship. Additionally, a lecture on oral hygiene was given to the children of the communities. In the opportunity, there was also a distribution of clothes and toys collected by the naval family and the Receita Federal.

According to the ship’s Commander, Lieutenant-Captain Eduardo Pontual Dubeux, it is gratifying to be part of a mission to provide hospital assistance, aimed at supporting the population.

It is visible in the whole crew the spirit of not measuring efforts to always help in the best way possible, because everyone knows that the ship is the hope for many riverside dwellers. That is why the Ship ‘Lieutenant Maximiano’ is known in the region as the ‘ship of hope’. Therefore, for me and my crew, it is a personal and professional achievement to serve on a ship with these characteristics and with such a noble mission,” he said.

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