The Brazilian Air Force's Social Communication Center has a new chiefThe Brazilian Air Force's Social Communication Center has a new chief

Major Brigadier Adolfo handed over to Air Brigadier Daniel

Air Force Agency, by Lieutenant Eniele Santos

In a ceremony held on January 24 in Brasília (DF), the Aeronautics Social Communication Center (CECOMSAER) witnessed the handover of leadership from Air Major General Adolfo Aleixo da Silva Junior to Air Brigadier General Daniel Cavalcanti de Mendonça. The event marked the end of more than three years of leadership by Major Brigadier Adolfo, a period in which the Center achieved remarkable feats and further consolidated the Brazilian Air Force’s (FAB) Social Communication by projecting and preserving the image of the Force.

In his farewell speech, Major General Adolfo shared highlights of his career at CECOMSAER, highlighting the significant achievements during his command, including the actions during Operation Returning in Peace, the celebrations of the 150th anniversary of the birth of Alberto Santos Dumont and the implementation of numerous innovative actions involving the production of more than 5,000 articles, 700 videos, 56 editions of Notaer, 5,000 Press Office processes and around 500 Public Relations projects.

“These years have been a journey of immense pride and dedication. I arrived here as a Major and, over the course of three stints at the Center, I was able to witness the growth and evolution of Social Communication. Each project, each mission was an enriching chapter that helped strengthen the ties between the FAB and society. I’m sure I’ve learned more than I’ve taught and I owe that to the committed staff that I pass on to your command, Brigadier Daniel. Long live Social Communication! Long live the Brazilian Air Force,” said Major Brigadier Adolfo.

On taking over as head, Air Brigadier Daniel expressed his satisfaction and commitment to preserving and expanding the achievements of the Social Communication Center. “Today I take on a new challenge and in it I emphasize the importance of Social Communication in strengthening the FAB’s image. I am grateful to be able to succeed this great friend, Major Brigadier Adolfo, and now I will work tirelessly to further strengthen the ties between the FAB and Brazilian society,” he said.

The Commander of the Air Force praised the leadership of Major General Adolfo, highlighting his elegance and wisdom in commanding the Social Communication Center, managing the more than 100 military personnel with respect and professionalism. He stressed the strategic importance of the Center in disseminating information and strengthening the relationship between the FAB and the Brazilian population. He also congratulated [Click here to download the original image] Brigadier Adolfo on the progress made in all the projects, with emphasis on the weekly newspaper FAB em Destaque, the projects of Rádio Força Aérea FM and the strong and decisive presence of the Press Office in relations with the national and international press.

“I am sure that you, who are highly capable and have an admirable attitude, are ready to deal with the complexity of the mission assigned to you this day. Know that your remarkable skills in the area of communication, proven on several occasions, including at the events celebrating Santos Dumont’s 150th birthday in Minas Gerais, at Fazenda Cabangu, make you exceptionally qualified to take on such a distinguished position,” the Commander told the new Chief.

New Chief

Born in Rio de Janeiro (RJ), Air Brigadier Daniel was commissioned on March 15, 1987, became an Aspirant Officer in 1993 and reached his current rank in 2021, having held important positions such as Head of the Social Communication Section at Campo Grande Air Base (BACG), Head of the Social Communication Section of the Second Fleet of the Tenth Aviation Group (2º/10º GAV) – Pelican Squadron, among others, until taking command of the Preparatory School for Air Cadets (EPCAR). He has more than 5,000 flight hours, having flown the C-95 B/C – Bandeirante, UH-50 – Esquilo, VC-99 – EMB 145 Legacy aircraft, among others.

Photos: Müller Marin/ CECOMSAER. *** Translated bt DEFCONPress FYI Team ***

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