FAB in activities with PF and RFB, Operation Air Bridge makes new seizuresFAB in activities with PF and RFB, Operation Air Bridge makes new seizures

Actions resulted in the seizure of approximately five kilos of illicit goods and four people arrested

Air Force Agency, by Lieutenant Mônica Lopes

The unity of effort between the Brazilian Air Force (FAB), the Federal Police (PF) and the Brazilian Federal Revenue Service (RFB), within the scope of Operation Air Bridge, which encompasses the work of the Security Forces to combat organized crime, through the Guarantee of Law and Order (GLO), led to three new seizures of illicit drugs, two at Guarulhos Airport (SP) and one at Galeão (RJ), adding up to approximately five kilos of drugs.

At Galeão Airport, on January 25, the operation seized half a kilo of hashish in the postal consignments area. The drug came from Hawaii, in the United States, and was destined for Rio de Janeiro.

The illegal material, with an estimated value of more than R$42,000.00, was identified during sniffing activities inside a wooden object. The action, carried out by soldiers from the GLO RJ Battalion, was supported by the Federal Revenue Service.

In Guarulhos, the seizures took place on January 20th. The first approach was made at immigration control. In coordination with the Federal Police, female soldiers from the GLO SP battalion searched two women and identified drugs attached and inserted into their bodies. After being arrested by the Federal Police, the passengers admitted to having swallowed cocaine capsules as well.

The second occurred on January 20, after two suspects were approached by Federal Revenue agents. They were then taken to the PF police station, where it was confirmed that they had also introduced and swallowed drugs.

The detained passengers from the Guarulhos cases were about to board a flight to Paris, France.

“The new seizures reflect the growing relationship between the agencies involved in the Operation and their ability to act in a coordinated manner,” said the Operation’s Commander, Air Brigadier Luiz Guilherme da Silva Magarão.

Operation Air Bridge

Since November 6, 2023, military personnel have been operating at Guarulhos (SP) and Galeão (RJ) airports, in accordance with Decree No. 11.765 of November 1, 2023, which authorizes the use of the Armed Forces in ports and airports. In addition to searching passengers, luggage and employees, the activities involve ostentatious policing in the halls, operational areas, cargo terminals and other sensitive points identified by the Security Forces.

So far, approximately 270 kilos of drugs have been seized and 28 people arrested.

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