Taurus launches TX22 Compact pistol in the USA, the first ever short-barreled .22 LR caliber versionTaurus launches TX22 Compact pistol in the USA, the first ever short-barreled .22 LR caliber version

Taurus, the largest seller of small arms in the world, is launching an unprecedented version of the TX™22 pistol in the US market. Following in the successful footsteps of the renowned Taurus TX™22 Full Size model, Taurus USA is betting again on a gun version in .22 LR caliber, the new Taurus TX™22 Compact.

The brand once again comes ahead of the competition with a brand new product, meeting the demand of the market. Consumers liked the Full Size version of the Taurus TX™22 pistol so much that they started asking for a compact version, in .22 LR caliber with a short barrel, ideal for people with smaller hands and for carrying undercover.

The release features a 13-shot capacity magazine, with support on the bolt ready for mounting an optical assembly of consumer preference.

In addition, the Taurus TX™22 Compact has a suppressor-ready barrel. The trigger maintains the good performance already known and expected from the Taurus TX™22 family, with smooth actuation of the trigger mechanism.

The new Taurus TX™22 Compact pistol reinforces the manufacturer’s commitment to excellence, providing consumers with another reliable and affordable firearm model. The novelty certainly has everything to be another great success for the brand in the United States, the largest and most competitive arms market in the world.


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