Taurus identifies new business opportunities in the Defense and Security sector in IndiaTaurus identifies new business opportunities in the Defense and Security sector in India

Taurus, a Strategic Defense Company and the largest seller of light weapons in the world, approved at a meeting of the company’s Board of Directors the creation of the ESG Committee, a non-statutory body that will report directly to the Global CEO, Salesio Nuhs, in order to personally monitor the advances established by the ESG guidelines and in line with the company on governance, social and environmental issues.

The ESG Committee structure features a multidisciplinary group that will be responsible for aligning policies and implementing processes within the company, ensuring: to create a corporate culture to ESG concepts; to monitor the projects and their programs linked to the theme; and to support the development of actions that promote the implementation of ESG.

“The ESG agenda has always been one of our priorities. Taurus is already focused on the ESG premises, and the current management has been very active on these subjects for the last four years. The creation of the committee is a milestone for the company and for the sector, the consolidation of a relevant area on our corporate agenda”, says Salesio Nuhs, Taurus’ Global CEO.

The defense industry plays an important role in national security, in the economy and in the support and development of new technologies, extremely relevant themes when it comes to ESG pillars.

See below the structure of the ESG Committee:

National security exists with the aim of ensuring peace, stability and social sustainability through the defense of freedom, ethics and human rights, primordial values in liberal democracies, which govern ESG standards, and one of Taurus’ most important sectors of social support. The world’s main technologies came from the defense area and later permeated society, such as the internet, which was created in the middle of the Cold War for strictly military purposes.

A Strategic Defense Company, appointed by the Ministry of Defense, and a member of the Brazilian Defense Industrial Base (BID), Taurus invests heavily in innovation and new technologies. In 2021 R$ 181 million were invested in new technologies and new equipment. In 2022 another R$ 170 million is planned.

This action is directly related to the ESG agenda, since with new machinery there is, for example, less energy consumption, less scrap and waste, etc. In addition, Taurus has in recent years signed unprecedented partnerships with renowned educational institutions for the development of people and new technologies.

The company has developed pioneering projects that aim to add value to Brazil’s natural riches, such as the first gun with graphene that marked the beginning of the 3rd generation of pistols, a technology developed in Brazil for the rest of the world. And it is already doing research, in a very advanced stage, with niobium, in which Brazil has the largest world reserves.

These and other projects are promoted by Taurus’s Integrated Technology and Engineering Center Brazil-United States (CITE), which has more than 200 engineers focused on research and development of new products, technologies and processes, adding value to the products and reducing production costs, emissions of polluting gases, consumption of electric energy and water, among others.

Taurus also has an academic and professional qualification program for employees, in partnership with universities, for the development of projects for continuous improvement in products and processes, in which the company contributes with up to 70% reimbursement of the cost of the course and 100% for the best student.

Aware of the importance of its role in business activity and in society, Taurus has an ongoing commitment to social responsibility and is engaged in solidarity actions, meeting the demands of the communities close to its manufacturing units in Rio Grande do Sul and in Brazil. In 2021, the company started the social project “Taurus do Bem – Respecting differences for equality”, which aims to include people with disabilities in the labor market.

During the COVID-19 pandemic more than R$ 15 million was donated, helping to increase the capacity of ICU beds, the volume of tests, oxygen tanks, protective equipment and other needs arising from hospitals.

In an internal campaign, the company collected and donated more than 120 tons of food to charities and social projects. With regard to environmental actions, Taurus carries out the mapping of gases that have a greenhouse effect, noise monitoring, waste management, promoting better use and disposal, in addition to the treatment of effluents.

These are some of the many actions that the company carries out. The ESG project adds new ideas and shares the actions that the management has already been adopting throughout its administration to support the long-term interests of investors, aligned with the interests of employees, suppliers, community, and environment.

In March 2022, Taurus hired the technical advice of Ernst & Young, a globally recognized company, to identify the company’s position and, from there, to outline the ESG strategies. At the moment, the ESG actions are concentrated on the construction of Taurus’s materiality matrix and on a survey of global data for preparing the inventory of greenhouse gas emissions.

Both studies will result in indicators and will compose the Sustainability Report. Based on the data obtained in the materiality matrix, and through a risk analysis, strategies and improvements in management and implementation of sustainable alternatives in Taurus’s production processes will be evaluated, involving energy consumption, development of new technologies, etc.

In this way Taurus presents concrete actions of socio-environmental commitment and is consolidating itself as a strategic ESG defense company in the market.

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