Registration is open to interested parties from Brazil and Sweden in teams of up to 10 members

The Swedish Aerospace Research Center (SARC) and the Brazilian Aerospace Research and Innovation Network (BARINet) have launched the 2nd SARC-BARINet Aerospace Competition, an initiative that aims to foster multidisciplinary collaboration between academia and industry in the aeronautical sector.

The competition will present a specific challenge focused on the detection and combat of forest fires, and the participants will have to propose solutions involving multiple Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs). The aircraft must work collaboratively, flying in formation, or in a swarm of small drones. The requirement is that the UAVs are launched into the forest area by another aircraft.

“We are very motivated for this second edition, after all the theme of the competition directly addresses one of the biggest challenges related to sustainability, a priority issue for society today,” says Alessandra Holmo, Managing Director of CISB, the Swedish-Brazilian Research and Innovation Center, one of the supporting organizations.

The competition

The competition is open to the public in Brazil and Sweden, with the exception of aerospace industry employees, and teams should have a maximum of 10 members. Participants will work from drone design and manufacturing to virtual demonstration, and upon selection for the next phase, live demonstration in their home country.

Design aspects include mechanics, aerodynamics, flight controls, structures, electrical subsystems, electronics, software, and “systems of systems,” and adaptations and integrations of commercial off-the-shelf parts will be accepted.

Given the potential positive results for the aerospace industry, major companies are supporting the initiative, such as Brazil’s Embraer and Sweden’s defense and security companySaab. “Embraer values and continuously stimulates the acceleration of learning of professionals so that they are always able to find solutions for the most diverse challenges of the aeronautical industry,” said Maurílio Albanese Novaes Júnior, Head of Technology Development at Embraer.

Magnus Ahlström, Vice President Global Innovation atSaab says the company is proud to sponsor a competition that encourages entrepreneurship and innovation in the industry and, on an individual level, inspires young people to develop their skills and talents. “I look forward to seeing the concepts and ideas that will blossom from this cooperation between Brazil and Sweden in future technologies for unmanned aerial vehicles,” Magnus concludes.

Registration and Awarding Schedule

The winning team will receive a prize of 6,000 euros to cover travel expenses for team members, who will be invited to travel to Brazil (if they are Swedish) or Sweden (if they are Brazilian). The trip will also include a meeting of the visitors with representatives from the aerospace industry of the corresponding country.
The relevant dates for the competition are:

- By July 1, 2022: submission of documents for Stage 1
- July 13, 2022: Announcement of teams advancing to Stage 2
- November 7, 2022: Award ceremony at the CISB-SARC Congress

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