Surveillance and data fusion: solutions for Brazil and the Amazon Region

SISFRON – Integrated Border Monitoring System – is one of the Brazilian Army’s strategic programs that has been under implementation since 2012.

It is a sensing and decision support system that should produce reliable and timely information for decision making, as well as, support promptly in defense actions or against cross-border and environmental crimes, in compliance with the constitutional and legal provisions that govern the subject. The operations can be isolated, in conjunction with the other Armed Forces, or, still, in an interagency environment, with other government agencies.

The program is extensive, contemplates several phases, and should reach the Amazon region in the next few years. By 2039, the expectation is that all 17 thousand kilometers of the Brazilian land border will be covered by this surveillance system.

SISFRON will use, in an integrated way, a network of surveillance radars, sensors, communication systems, command and control systems, and unmanned aerial vehicles that detect, in real time, the occurrence of movements on the Brazilian land border. The information helps the defense and governmental agencies in the actions of the Brazilian State’s presence along the border strip, also helping to curb the traffic of weapons, drugs, and environmental crimes, among others.

In the pilot phase of SISFRON, already in operation, Saab was subcontracted by Embraer to develop and deploy the monitoring and information fusion systems located in the states of Mato Grosso do Sul and Mato Grosso, bordering Paraguay and Bolivia.

Before the system was contracted, Saab’s technology was tested by the Army in challenges in the border regions and fulfilled all the suggested tasks. With the evolution of the project and surveillance technologies, the expectation is that the next phases can count on even more technological resources from Saab.

“It is already possible to deploy the radio monitoring system, for example, in drones, which would act as mobile antennas, traveling through the points or targets of interest that require more attention,” comments Pieter Verbeek, Senior Director of Business Development at Saab.

This is the Sirius solution, Saab’s product that could add even more capabilities to Sisfron.

Sirius Compact: compact surveillance sensor

Sirius Compact is a new small, lightweight and high-powered surveillance system. It can be easily integrated into drones, vehicles, vessels, masts or even portable applications. The equipment is able to extend its sensory horizon, increase situational awareness and provide vital information and early warning in a combat situation through silent detection, classification and prioritization of radar and datalink emissions.

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