Base Aérea de Santa Maria sedia Reunião de Asas Rotativas 2023Base Aérea de Santa Maria sedia Reunião de Asas Rotativas 2023

The aim of the event was to promote interaction between crew members and provide an exchange of experiences and knowledge

Air Force Agency / BASM, by Sergeant Tiarlen

On September 17 and 18, the Santa Maria Air Base (BASM) hosted the 2023 Rotary Wing Aviation Meeting (RAAR). The event was attended by General Officers from the Brazilian Air Force (FAB) and around 120 military personnel from helicopter squadrons across the country. The aim of the event was to promote interaction between military personnel, exchange experiences and knowledge, with a view to improving the operational skills of FAB pilots and crew.

The military ceremony at the end of RAAR 2023 was presided over by the Commander of Preparedness (COMPREP), Air Brigadier Sergio Roberto de Almeida, accompanied by the Commander of BASM, Air Colonel Luciano Antonio Marchiorato Dobignies, and was attended by civil and military authorities, as well as guests.

In his speech, the Preparedness Commander highlighted the fundamental role played by rotary-wing military personnel in supporting the natural disasters that occurred in Rio Grande do Sul recently. “In this scenario, the crew of the Fifth Squadron of the Eighth Aviation Group (5º/8º GAV) – Pantera Squadron, promptly carried out the exfiltration of the victims of this phenomenon. As we have seen on other occasions, the crew members of this tough air force have shown their worth and deserve every recognition. Facts like these are the reason for the daily training of each and every one of us present at this meeting,” emphasized Lieutenant Brigadier Almeida.

On the occasion, the Preparedness Commander awarded the Brigadier Nero Moura Operational Merit medal to the Air Unit Commanders: Lieutenant Colonel Leonardo Bezerra Salim, of the Second Squadron of the Eighth Aviation Group (2º/8º GAV) – Poti Squadron; Lieutenant Colonel Éverson Lousano Galvão, of the First Squadron of the Eleventh Aviation Group (1º/11º GAV) – Gavião Squadron; Lieutenant Colonel Michelson Abrahão Assis, from the Seventh Squadron of the Eighth Aviation Group (7º/8º GAV) – Harpy Squadron; and Lieutenant Colonel Rodrigo Alonso Fortes, from the Panther Squadron.

BASM stands out for using, through the Pantera Squadron, the H-60L Black Hawk, considered one of the best helicopters in its category in the work of the Armed Forces of dozens of countries besides Brazil. The Black Hawk plays an important role in military operations, mainly in transport, aeromedical evacuation and logistical support missions. Its presence in Brazil’s helicopter fleet contributes to the operational capacity of the Armed Forces and helps in a wide range of mission scenarios.

Photos: Sergeant Kassiel / BASM

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