Saab has signed an agreement with FMV for the life extension of two Koster-class mine countermeasures ships. The value of the order is 350 million Swedish kronor. The contract also includes options for FMV to request related measures for the remaining three Koster-class ships. The total value of the options is SEK 270 million.

The contract with FMV means that Saab will carry out life extensions of two Koster-class mine countermeasures ships. The modernization involves an exchange of systems for life extension and enhanced features to ensure continued operability. The program includes, among other things, a new navigation radar installation and enhanced capabilities linked to combat systems and surface sensors.

“Mine countermeasures ships are an important capability for Sweden and for the protection of the Baltic Sea. The contract means that the ships’ continued availability is guaranteed and is proof of Saab’s competence in modifying and developing capabilities on existing platforms,” said Lars Tossman, head of Saab Kockums’ business area.

The main capabilities of these ships are naval demining, underwater hunting and maritime surveillance. When involved in anti-submarine warfare, the ships can, for example, use mines, depth charges and grenades.

Initially, the mine countermeasures ships were named the Landsort class, but as five of the ships underwent mid-life upgrades starting in 2009, the class was renamed the Koster class. At the same time, the ships were equipped with increased capabilities, such as remotely controlled underwater vehicles.

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