Submarino “Humaitá” realiza primeiro teste de propulsão no marSubmarino “Humaitá” realiza primeiro teste de propulsão no mar

The main objective is to complete steps that will ensure safe navigation of the submarine before delivery to the Navy’s Operational Sector

By Captain Lieutenant Gisele Costa and Lieutenant Captain Bruno Oliveira – Rio de Janeiro, RJ

The Submarine “Humaitá” performed, between December 12 and 16, the first surface navigation with its own propulsion system, in a sea area located in the south coast of Rio de Janeiro. This is one of the main tests carried out before the first dynamic immersions, on the way to the submarine’s delivery to the Operational Sector of the Brazilian Navy.  

“The main objective of this sea trip was to perform the first independent navigation and fulfill a package of tests that will ensure the safe navigation of the submarine on the surface for the next sea trips and tests planned in the construction process of the ‘Humaitá’ submarine until its delivery,” said Frigate Captain Martim Bezerra de Moraes Junior, Commander of the “Humaitá”.

During the surface navigation of the “Humaitá”, several exercises were performed to test the propulsion, rudder operation in all modalities, navigation systems, battery charge, communication system and autonomy on the surface, besides training the submarine crew.

The “Humaitá” (S-41) is the second of a series of four conventional diesel-electric propulsion submarines under the Submarine Program (PROSUB).

In August 2022, the “Humaitá” Submarine performed the operational float, a safety milestone that defines the beginning of the last phase of the construction project, certifying that the submarine’s safety and operational systems are ready for the quay and sea acceptance tests.

In November, the “Humaitá” completed the static immersion test and obtained satisfactory results in the evaluations. After surface navigation with its own propulsion system, the next steps will be dynamic immersion and immersion at great depth with the submarine in motion.

According to the PROSUB schedule, the submarine “Humaitá” (S-41) will be delivered to the Navy Operational Sector in the second half of 2023, followed by the “Tonelero” (S-42) and the “Angostura” (S-43), which are advancing positively in the delivery schedule.

The tests in operational environment of the “Humaitá” represent another important step in the PROSUB, which is consolidated as a Strategic Program of substantial relevance to the Brazilian State. In addition to expanding the protection of the Blue Amazon perimeter waters, this venture generates jobs that enable the training and qualification of highly skilled labor, contributing to raise the country’s strategic potential for scientific and technological development.

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