SAAB Highlights Gripen E Capabilities and Successful Partnership with the Flygvapnet

SAAB’s partnership with the Swedish Air Force (Svenska flygvapnet or just Flygvapnet) and the Swedish Armed Forces Material Administration (FMV) for the production of the Gripen E has been chronicled in a new video detailing the result of this synergy. This joint work supported the development of the world’s first digitized fighter jet and was a watershed for the Swedish Armed Forces.

In the face of global advances and more sensitive war and peace scenarios, Swedish Air Force Commander Carl-Johan Edström feels that with Gripen E the country has one of the strongest defense systems in Europe, capable of standing up to the forces of the West.

According to Johan Segertoft, Vice President and Head of the Gripen design unit, with Gripen E it is possible to add value quickly and continuously throughout the life of the fighter; “The time cycle for upgrading a system like Gripen used to be measured in years, now we talk in a few days.”

The full video features testimonials from the Swedish Air Force, FMV, as well as SAAB experts working on the development of the fighter.

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