Saab and Atech join forces to bring Digital Tower to Brazil and Latin AmericaSaab and Atech join forces to bring Digital Tower to Brazil and Latin America

The cooperation between SAAB and Atech, a company of the Embraer group, aims to operate in the Digital Towers market in Latin America

Interest in Digital Towers is growing rapidly around the world, including in Latin America. To support this growing interest, Saab and Atech are joining forces to provide a sustainable and efficient Digital Tower solution for the region. Saab has a solid experience in executing the entire Digital Tower operation process, from the initial phase, doing technical, business and implementation analysis, to training and organizational change management.

The first remotely controlled airport in the world was developed and put into operation by LFV and Saab, operating since April 21, 2015. Now, through the partnership between Saab and Atech, this experience will be made available for civil and military applications in Latin America.

Atech with its portfolio of digital solutions, such as the remote AFIS in operation at DECEA, and its strong presence and knowledge about the region, together with Saab’s industrial leadership in Digital Towers, form a strong combination to operate in the ATM digital solutions market.

“Partnering with Atech in the Latin American market will enhance our local product offering and provide a business model that combines the best of both worlds,” says Per Ahl, CEO of Saab Digital Air Traffic Solutions

“With Saab, it will be possible for us to offer attractive Digital Tower solutions, for civil and military applications, expanding the integration of remote operations to our ATM digital solutions” says Edson Mallaco, CEO of Atech.

This cooperation is the basis for upcoming joint innovations in supporting also new efficient digital services, as well as a way to reduce the overall environmental footprint of the ATM market.

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