Raytheon Anschütz do Brasil shows innovations for navigation during NavalshoreRaytheon Anschütz do Brasil shows innovations for navigation during Navalshore

Gyroscopic compasses, radars, automatic pilots, among other technologies from the German company Raytheon Anschütz GmbH, will be exhibited at the largest fair of the naval and offshore industry in Latin America, in Rio de Janeiro

Raytheon Anschütz do Brasil, a branch of Raytheon Anschütz GmbH, a centennial German company that operates in the navigation sector, providing high quality equipment – such as gyrocompasses, radars, automatic pilots, among other technologies – intends to develop business here and in all Latin America, supporting the company’s activities, both in the supply of materials to the final consumer and in the provision of services directly or through its official service agents.

Navalshore 2022 promises to be a showcase for the company to present its latest solutions, considering the presence of shipowners, shipyards, manufacturers, and national and international suppliers in one place.

“Recently, the company completed ten years of activities in Brazil, always growing and increasing our presence in the domestic market. With the Covid-19 pandemic and the recent conflicts in Europe, we have started to face new challenges, especially in international logistics. This effect has severely affected the suppliers of raw materials and the logistical bottleneck has presented itself as an important and persistent factor. Even so, we have been able to meet our clients’ demands, without major financial impacts, and offer our support, uninterruptedly,” assured Matheus Mendes, responsible for the operations sector at Raytheon Anschütz do Brasil.

To Portos e Navios, he highlighted that the company has been guaranteeing its presence in the market, as a supplier of the Tamandaré Frigates, and reinforcing its commitment to quality and service to the final consumer. “With this contract, we have ensured not only the supply of Anschütz quality equipment, but also local labor for the regular maintenance required and available during the entire life cycle of the ships. We also expect the participation in strategic projects in the region, establishing our company as a reference in navigation solutions for Latin America”, commented Mendes.

On a local level, he pointed out that the current situation of the shipbuilding industry has been challenging: “The history of the shipbuilding industry in Brazil is made of ups and downs, however, it is important to emphasize that our country has a natural maritime vocation, but has a naval industrial park that is underused. However, we believe that this is a passing situation and that Brazil will return to the construction of new large displacement vessels.

About the rest of the world, Mendes believes that the naval industry should also return to growth: “The effects of the Covid-19 and the recent developments in Ukraine reinforce this period of low levels of investment. But we believe that this should not continue for too long and we will soon have new shipbuildings again. We are also keeping an eye on technological developments and innovation and, therefore, we continue to prepare ourselves for a more competitive world in the technological area, with new products designed for the digital environment.

In relation to the presence during the three days of Navalshore, Mendes predicts that it will be an excellent opportunity to meet partners again and develop new market partnerships. “We have several solutions to support offshore businesses from small to large vessels. We also want to hear the market demands, even to improve our products and our service.”

Solutions at the fair

Those who will be at the fair will be able to see up close Raytheon Anschütz do Brasil’s solutions for navigation, especially the new NX line. “We will bring our new Standard 22 NX gyrocompass, which is an evolution of the Standard 22, but with a more modern digital look. We will also present the Standard 30 MF, our maintenance-free gyrocompass,” said Mendes.

He also highlighted the ECDIS NX, a new equipment for nautical charts, and the PilotStar NX autopilot. “We will also show, virtually, our Synapsis NX Integrated Bridge and our new eLog, a new product that helps navigation and integrates information in a single platform. In addition, we will have a highly motivated team serving at our booth and presenting our navigation solutions.”

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