Netline Communications Technologies Ltd. – a leading developer and manufacturer of high-end electronic warfare and spectrum dominance systems for defense forces and homeland security agencies – is to unveil the new generation of its DroneNet RD Sensor at Eurosatory 2022. The rapid deployment (RD) multi-layered protection system now covers all frequency ranges for detection, identification, tracking (localization), and mitigation (jamming) of hostile drones. 

The compact system, which is capable of ultra-fast deployment by a small tactical team, can be operated directly both from the control station and remotely, thus enabling full force protection.

The DroneNet’s comprehensive protective offering consists of three defense layers, operating sequentially in real time and activated automatically upon threat detection. Each layer is capable of operating as a stand-alone system and interfacing with other defense systems. 

During the detection phase, DroneNet searches for activity patterns corresponding to the stored signatures in the 400MHz, 800/900MHz, 2.4GHz and 5.8GHz bands. Once a match is found, the C4I console issues an alert that a drone has been detected, including its type, enabling a finely-tuned and timely response for mitigation. The system also includes a Wi-Fi drone sensor, enabling detection of all commercial Wi-Fi drones available today. 

DroneNet’s near-zero false-alarm rate is achieved using an SDR SIGINT receiver, which identifies the hostile drone’s spectral signature, regardless of its protocol data or any encryption employed.

Upon detection, Netline’s DroneNet RD jammer blocks all potential frequencies used by commercial drones.  By enabling jamming of the control and telemetry channel, video downlink transmission and all GNSS signals, the DroneNet RD jammer enables the user to achieve the desired effect for different threat scenarios.

“The new generation of the DroneNet system is better than ever, suited for tackling the more comprehensive variety of drones that are in operation today,” says Yallon Bahat, CEO of Netline. “By detecting and blocking all frequency ranges used by commercial drone manufacturers around the world, and with the combination of fast deployment, small size and weight, excellent performance and the option for remote operation, the DroneNet gives tactical forces the agility to operate in a wide range of scenarios, while providing a higher level of protection. Netline’s systems have been operationally proven for over two decades, and we are already seeing interest from our customers around the world in the new generation of DroneNet. ”The DroneNet family of comprehensive solutions has been designed to prevent unauthorized drones – whether on the move or stationary – from entering protected airspace, such as over deployed military forces, over strategic facilities, or in VIP protection arenas. Compact and rugged, the DroneNet RD system is certified for military standards and supports operations in harsh weather conditions.

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