Considered the largest public security event in Latin America, the third edition of the Police Operations Congress - COP InternationalConsidered the largest public security event in Latin America, the third edition of the Police Operations Congress - COP International

For the first time in São Paulo, the event brought together public security leaders and authorities

Considered the largest public security event in Latin America, the third edition of the Police Operations Congress – COP International, held for the first time in São Paulo, welcomed more than 14,000 visitors and brought together security professionals, police authorities, tactical operations specialists and cutting-edge technology providers to share experiences and discuss the latest trends and innovations in the field of public security.

Over the course of the three-day event, more than 40 lectures and panels were held with national public security leaders, such as São Paulo State Security Secretary Guilherme Derrite and BOPE – RJ commander Lieutenant Colonel Uirá. At the same time as the fair, there was also the first meeting of the National Public Security Council (Consesp), which was attended by National Public Security Secretary Francisco Tadeu Barbosa de Alencar, and the formation of the National Special Police Operations Coordinators Council.

João Sansone, creator of the COP, emphasizes the importance of bringing an event like this to the country’s largest capital. “This change facilitates access for security agents and also for the main authorities in the sector. We were able to fulfill our objective, which was to bring together the top brass of Public Security from all over Brazil, from the national level, the general commanders of the Military Police, the heads of the Civil Police, as well as those on the front line, who are the commanders of BOPE and the delegates of the CORE units. Those who really understand public security were here,” he concluded.

With more than 50 national and international exhibitors, COP also brought the latest solutions and technologies for the tactical, military and intelligence sectors to justice activities and police operations. Condor presented new non-lethal equipment. “The great thing about COP, for us, is being able to have this contact from the operator of our products to the commander and secretary of public security. This contact with the operator is very valuable for us, it’s with them that we can understand the operational scenarios and transform this information into ever better solutions within the concept of non-lethal weapons. We’ve made good relationships here and there will certainly be good results in the future,” says Condor’s head of communications, Lucas Carci.

One of the world’s largest arms manufacturers, Taurus was also present at the 3rd Police Operations Congress. “The event was an opportunity for visitors to learn about the quality and robustness of Taurus products, weapons developed here in Brazil with 100% national labor, as well as the investments in technology and innovation that have been and are being made,” says Salesio Nuhs, Taurus’ Global CEO.

For the second time at COP, Berkana participated as an exhibitor in partnership with Dígitro Tecnologia, from Santa Catarina, both specializing in solutions and technologies for Security and Defence. For Berkana’s CEO, Milton Donizete, the choice of São Paulo was very beneficial. “This change was very good for us, as we were able to strengthen our relationship with our clients. These three days were fundamental for prospecting new projects and for showing the evolution of our solutions since the last edition,” he said.

In its first edition in São Paulo, the organization of COP expects to surpass last year’s edition, where more than R$ 22 million in business was done in the three days of the event.

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