Missile launch from the "Constituição" Frigate begins a new phase of the MANSUP ProjectMissile launch from the "Constituição" Frigate begins a new phase of the MANSUP Project

The missile is the fourth launching of the project and the first in the qualification phase

By Second Lieutenant (RM2-T) Leonardo Ferreira Trindade, embarked in the “Constituição” Frigate – Rio de Janeiro, RJ

On Tuesday (20), the Brazilian Navy (MB) successfully launched, for the fourth time, the Surface Anti-Ship Missile (MANSUP). The operation took place in the region south of Cabo Frio (RJ), with the participation of the “Constituição” and “Liberal” frigates. The launch marked the beginning of the missile’s qualification phase and made it possible to test some subsystems in its final production version. New qualification launches are still planned before the production start of the MANSUP.

For the Navy Weapons Systems Director, Vice Admiral Marco Antonio Ismael Trovão de Oliveira, the phase is progressing as planned. “In the previous stage, through the launching of three prototypes, the engineering solutions adopted for the missile to meet the established requirements were tested. In the current stage, the subsystems that have already been improved are being tested, which will ensure that the missile is manufactured with the best technology available, adding greater robustness and efficiency to the product, and meeting all the conditions initially imposed.”

Admiral Trovão added that in the first launch a new evaluation of the performance of the rocket motor and the effect of adjustments to the missile’s control software was also conducted, based on the results of previous launches. “On the occasion, the new telemetry system was also tested, now with longer range, wider angle of view, and more resistant to weather conditions.”

According to Robson Duarte, from the company Sistemas Integrados de Alto Teor Tecnológico (SIATT), which is MANSUP’s Program Manager, another major advance in relation to previous launches was the use of the new Missile Launching Console (CLM). “When the Brazilian Navy decided to invest in the development of MANSUP, the requirement was imposed that the missile be fully compatible with the existing launchers and consoles in its stock. Today, in addition to the missile, SIATT is nationalizing the entire launch infrastructure. This opens a new window of opportunity, with the possibility of revitalizing old ships that have their consoles inoperative, as well as installing an entire national launch system on new ships.

Another requirement established by the MB was the use of components designated as “ITAR Free,” i.e., embargo-free (limitation on the purchase and sale of certain critical components for defense and aerospace area operations). According to Robson, this was possible “with the use of national technology and ITAR free components. With this, the Navy and Brazil achieved a degree of autonomy achieved by very few countries in the world.

The Director-General of Navy Material, Admiral of Fleet José Augusto Vieira da Cunha de Menezes, emphasized the relevance of developing a project like this, stressing “that all the engineers and technicians involved in the MANSUP Project are Brazilian, trained in various academic centers in Brazil. The technology employed in the project is developed by Brazilians and all the resources employed are invested in the country. The MANSUP will allow the Navy to count on an effective armament in the time and quantity required, contributing to the defense of national interests and our sovereignty in the Blue Amazon.

Besides the Frigate “Constituição”, which was the launching ship, the following also participated in the operation: the Frigate “Liberal”, as assistant ship; the UH-12 “Eagle” 87 aircraft, responsible for the telemetry (technology that allows the remote measurement in real time of the necessary parameters to evaluate the functioning and performance of the missile); and the UH-12 “Eagle” 82 and P-3 aircraft, for area cleaning.

Characteristics of the MANSUP

Source: Agência Marinha de Notícias *** Translated by the DEFCONPress FYI Team ***

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