The Minister of Defense, Paulo Sergio Nogueira de Oliveira, participated, this Thursday (19), in the opening of the 2nd SC Expo Defense that takes place in Florianópolis (SC). The initiative promotes the strengthening of the Defense Industrial Base (BID), stimulates the business environment, and contributes to a closer contact and presentation of the themes to society.

In 2021, with a historical record, the Defense sector exceeded 1.7 billion dollars in the commercialization of products abroad, a scenario that has been consolidating the Defense Industrial Base as an important vector of Brazilian economic and social development. Made up of around 1,140 companies, the Base represents 4.78% of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP), generating 2.9 million direct and indirect jobs.

Sovereignty – During his speech, the Minister pointed out Brazil’s potentials to strengthen national defense, sovereignty and freedom. “The country needs to maintain deterrence capabilities compatible with its political, economic and social stature in the concert of nations, to be able to preserve its sovereignty, defend its territory, protect its interests and ensure development, peace and freedom for its people,” he stressed.

The event, coordinated by the Defense Industry Committee (COMDEFESA), in partnership with the Federation of Industries of the State of Santa Catarina (FIESC) and the Air Force Staff (EMAER), brings together professionals from the segment, civilian and military authorities, government representatives, and academia. At the Ministry of Defense booth, the public has access to the Ministry’s actions, through the Secretariat of Defense Products (SEPROD), in favor of the Brazilian national defense industry.

The opportunity, besides expanding the integration of the Armed Forces with industry, technology centers, and academia, promotes the identification and development of technologies and projects of interest to Defense.

The Armed Forces move several areas of the Brazilian economy, such as industry, health, technology, food and equipment, among others. In this context, the approach between companies and representatives of the sector is essential for the recovery of the country’s economy and for the generation of new jobs.

By Viviane Oliveira – Photos: Igor Soares

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