Know the role of Air Traffic Controllers in EXCON Tápio 2022Know the role of Air Traffic Controllers in EXCON Tápio 2022

Air Force Agency, by Lieutenant Letícia Faria and Major Oliveira Lima

Present in the Joint Exercise (EXCON) Tápio 2022, the Air Traffic Controllers act to facilitate the landings and take-offs of aircraft belonging to the Fighter, Transport, Reconnaissance and Rotary Wing Squadrons of the Brazilian Air Force (FAB). During the day, and also at night, the airspace at Campo Grande Air Base (BACG), in Mato Grosso do Sul, where the training takes place, is differentiated because of the aircraft movements.

The Commander of the Campo Grande Airspace Control Department (DTCEA-CG), Major Aviator Débora Ferreira Monnerat, comments about the importance of the controllers in Tápio, considered one of the largest operational exercises conducted by the FAB. “For this mission, there is all the preparation on the part of the controllers. Before the activities begin, they go through a simulator, portraying exactly the operations of this exercise. We also increase the number of military personnel in the tower so that the Tapio can actually take place safely,” says the Officer.

The Role of Air Traffic Controllers

The controllers provide services necessary for general air traffic (civil aviation) and operational air traffic (military aviation). In Brazil, the Airspace Control System is integrated, which contributes to a better articulation of this important service provided to the Brazilian society. The professional participates in the surveillance of Brazilian airspace and controls the country’s air defense missions, but also acts in the coordination of civil traffic. In civil aviation, he participates in all stages, from the take-off of the aircraft, the route they follow on the airways, that is, the “roads” in the sky, to the landing. These professionals stipulate ascent and descent procedures, provide flight information services and supply important meteorological information.

With collaboration from Aspirant Roberta Nunes. Video: Sergeant Ronan / CECOMSAER – Photos: Sergeant Bianca Viol / CECOMSAER
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