FAB Signs Contract with Canadian Company for Launching Space VehiclesFAB Signs Contract with Canadian Company for Launching Space Vehicles

The ceremony alluding to the signing of the contract between the Brazilian Air Force (FAB) and the Canadian company C6 Launch Systems Incorporated took place on Thursday (Aug. 25)

Agência Força Aérea, por Tenente Flávia Rocha E Major Oliveira Lima

An important step towards inserting Brazil in a select group of countries with space vehicle launch capabilities. On Thursday (Aug. 25), in Brasília (DF), a ceremony was held to mark the signing of a contract between the Brazilian Air Force (FAB) and the Canadian company C6 Launch Systems Incorporated, one of the companies selected to operate the Alcântara Space Center (CEA), in Maranhão.

The contract is the result of the Brazilian Space Agency’s (AEB) Public Call for Proposals No. 02/2020, dated May 22, 2020, and has as its object the provision of goods and services for launching space vehicles from area 3 of the Alcântara Space Center, known as the Wind Profiler area.

The ceremony was presided over by the Aerospace Operations Commander (COMAE), Air Lieutenant Brigadier Heraldo Luiz Rodrigues. Also participating were General Officers from the Aeronautics High Command; General Officers from the Air Force; the President of the Brazilian Space Agency, Colonel Carlos Augusto Teixeira de Moura, and representatives of C6 Launch Systems and Services from Brazil and, by videoconference, the President and CEO of C6 Launch Systems Incorporated, Richard Mccammon.

In the opportunity, Lieutenant Brigadier Heraldo stressed the importance of signing the contract for Brazil’s effective entry into the space race. “Today, with the signing of this contract, a giant step has been taken towards exploration at the Alcântara Launch Center. Parallel to this, the Brazilian Space Agency worked together with the Aeronautics Command to sign some agreements that make possible the commercial exploration of Alcantara,” he added.

Richard Mccammon stressed that the partnership will positively impact both the local and national economies. He also informed that the first launch should take place in the first half of 2024. He also highlighted that the contract is an important milestone that expands the cooperation and partnership between the Brazilian Air Force, the Brazilian Space Agency, and other local agencies, developing the space segment in Brazil.

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