"Independence Exhibition" opens the program of the Homeland Week, in Brasília"Independence Exhibition" opens the program of the Homeland Week, in Brasília

Armed Forces conduct rehearsals for the September 7th parade

By Viviane Oliveira

Brasília (DF) – The “Independence Exhibition” started this Friday (02), in Brasília (DF), with cultural attractions for adults and children. The exhibition is part of the Homeland Week program, celebrating the Bicentennial of Brazil’s Independence. The exhibition takes place in the City Park (Sarah Kubitschek), until Sunday (4), from 9am to 5pm. The public has the opportunity to get to know the operational means of the Armed Forces and public security entities.

The National Force, the Military Fire Brigade of the Federal District (CBMDF), the Civil, Federal and Federal Road Police, the Traffic Department (Detran) and the Mobile Emergency Care Service (Samu) are participating. During the three days of the event, there will be performances by the Bands of Music of the Brasília Marine Corps, the CBMDF, and the Army.

At the Navy stand, the activities include information about the Comandante Ferraz Antarctic Station and an exhibition of models of the Álvaro Alberto submarine, the Tamandaré frigate and the Inhaúma corvette. There will also be a visit to the resources of the Amphibious Vehicle Battalion. The main attractions of the Army are equipment for military use by Special Forces troops, the Guarani Armored Transport Vehicle, and artillery weapons, especially the Astros System and the exhibition of Breton Horses from the Caiena Ceremonial Battery.

The Aeronautics program brings a life-size replica of the newest fighter jet, the F-39 Gripen. There will also be recreational workshops for children and lectures about the main activities of the Brazilian Air Force. The Gripen, as well as the other military vehicles, is open to the public, who can take a closer look at its instruments and features.

Karina Alanes, who lives in Planaltina, brought her 2-year-old son Miguel to see the exhibition. Both are participating, for the first time, in the events promoted during the Homeland Week. For her, the exhibit is a good incentive for the population to get to know the work of the Armed Forces. “I think it is incredible. It is an incentive that they give for us to get to know them. I had no idea that the vehicles were so big. The Astros is really beautiful! And I’m here trying to learn a little bit more,” she said.

Retired teacher Nina Rosa, 72, said she is used to participating in the civic celebrations and made a point of attending the opening of the event. “As a simple citizen and teacher, I have always taught what I learned from my parents: to be nationalists, to love our homeland. The event is super organized, the people are polite. I, who until a while ago couldn’t walk, came today and I feel blessed”, she said.

Armed Forces conduct rehearsals for the September 7th parade

This Saturday morning (September 3rd), military personnel from the Armed Forces will rehearse for the civic-military parade to celebrate the Independence Day (September 7th). As part of the general training, Brazilian Army troops, under the coordination of the Planalto Military Command, will walk along the north side of the Monumental Axis, at the Ministries Esplanade. Vehicle traffic will be blocked during the training.

Air parade – The Armed Forces and the Public Security institutions will promote rehearsals of the air parades. The flights will take place on Monday (5), at 3 pm, and on Tuesday (6), starting at 9 am, also over the Esplanade. The activity has about 20 aircraft – fighter planes, transport planes and rotary wing planes (helicopters), and is carried out in a coordinated way by the airspace control agencies.

Photos: Hamilton Garcia – Special Advisory of Social Communication (Ascom)
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