In Roraima, Brazilian Defense Minister visits Operation Acolhida facilitiesIn Roraima, Brazilian Defense Minister visits Operation Acolhida facilities

By Isabela Nóbrega

The Minister of Defense, José Múcio Monteiro Filho, visited on Wednesday (08), the facilities of the Humanitarian Logistics Task Force Operation Acolhida, in Boa Vista (RR). The action of the Federal Government, which ensures humanitarian assistance to Venezuelan migrants, has the logistical support of the Armed Forces (FA). Currently, about 540 Navy, Army and Air Force personnel are providing assistance to Venezuelans arriving in the country. There are seven shelters that receive about 8,000 people.

Pride – Minister José Múcio highlighted the work of the military personnel that make up the contingent employed in the Operation. “You are serving the country, so I leave here very proud. We must all make sure that this work continues and that we build new horizons for the people who have been welcomed,” said the Minister.

The Head of the Cabinet was accompanied by the Minister of Human Rights and Citizenship (MDHC), Silvio Almeida, as well as the Commanders of the Army, Army General Tomás Miguel Paiva and of the Air Force, Air Lieutenant Brigadier Marcelo Kanitz Damasceno, and the Chief of the Joint Staff of the Armed Forces (EMCFA), Fleet Admiral Renato Rodrigues de Aguiar Freire. The delegation visited the Operation Base, the Sorting Station, the Internalization Coordination Center, the Rondon 5 shelter, and the Reception and Hosting Station.

Operation Acolhida – Created in 2018, the initiative, executed and coordinated by the Federal Government, is supported by federal entities, United Nations agencies, international organizations, civil society organizations, and private entities, totaling more than 100 partners. There are three main pillars of the operation: border planning, shelter, and internalization. The Ministry of Defense carries out logistical and operational support, in addition to coordinating the integrated work of the Armed Forces. Since 2018, more than 95,000 Venezuelans have been internalized.

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