In Chile, FAB takes part in the Salitre IV Multinational ExerciseIn Chile, FAB takes part in the Salitre IV Multinational Exercise

With the presence of Air Forces from several countries, one of the largest air exercises in South America takes place from October 10 to 21, in Antofagasta, in northern Chile

Air Force Agency, by Lieutenant Flávia Rocha

The Brazilian Air Force (FAB) takes part, from October 10 to 21, in the SALITRE IV Multinational Combined Air Exercise. The air combat training, promoted by the Chilean Air Force (FACh), includes the participation of air and human resources from the Air Forces of Argentina, Brazil and Chile, a cell from the United States Space Force, and observers from Canada, Peru, Mexico and Uruguay, for joint action in the NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) pattern.

In all, six F-5M fighter jets and one KC-390 Millennium FAB are participating in the exercise. The activity will also include the participation of Chilean F-16, F5 Tiger III, A-29 Super Tucano and A-36 Toqui fighter planes; Argentine IA-63 Pampa III and A-4R Fightinghawk; as well as FACh C-130 Hercules, KC-135E Stratotanker combat support aircraft and MH-60M Black Hawk and Bell 412 helicopters.

The objective of Exercise Salitre is to expand cooperation and relations between the Air Forces involved, increasing their interoperability through common planning in a NATO format. The event is also an opportunity for training crews, command and control systems, as well as logistics systems and personnel in the area of Defense.

According to the Head of the Brazilian delegation, Commander of the First Squadron of the Fourteenth Aviation Group (1/14th GAV – Pampa Squadron), Lieutenant Colonel Davi de Abreu, the Salitre IV Multinational Exercise is of great doctrinal importance to the Brazilian Air Force, since it provides the opportunity to exchange ideas and understandings focused on the main function of the Air Power, which are the actions that contribute to the achievement of air superiority in a regular war context.

“Military doctrine conjugates strategic principles, along with tactics and techniques that always need to be adapted to the temporal and territorial context in which they will be applied, which is why an exercise of great magnitude and involvement of different participants, especially in an international context, is very constructive,” added Lieutenant Colonel Davi.

The Exercise Director, FACh Aviation General Leonardo Romanini, informed that in 2004, the Chilean Air Force assumed the responsibility of organizing, planning and executing the Exercise. He also pointed out that the combined training can bring the acquired knowledge into practice, should there be a need. “Exercise Salitre is an activity of utmost importance. It firstly enhances international relations between the participating countries. Secondly, it provides mutual knowledge among the Air Forces in the region,” he added.

FAB Squadrons Involved

This is the fourth time that the Brazilian Air Force is participating in the exercise, the last version of which was held eight years ago, in 2014. In this edition, the Brazilian delegation is formed by 75 military personnel and has the participation of seven FAB aircraft, belonging to the First Fighter Aviation Group (1°GAVCA) – Jambock and Pif-Paf Squadrons; the First Squadron of the Fourteenth Aviation Group (1/14th GAV) – Pampa Squadron; the First Troop Transport Group (1st GTT) – Zeus Squadron; and the First Squadron of the First Transport Group (1/1st GT) – Gordo Squadron.

Sergeant Davy Dayan Martins Bagetti de Lima, loadmaster of the KC-390 of the 1st GTT, is participating for the third time in an international exercise. In Salitre, he came to be an In-flight Refueling Observer. “My participation is being very valuable. It is an exercise that adds a lot to all the Air Units involved, both to increase our situational awareness and also the interoperability between the Squadrons,” he said.

From Antofagasta (Chile), Lieutenant Flávia Rocha / CECOMSAER – Pictures: FACh; Major Oliveira/1st/1stGT, Captain Oliveira / 1st/14th GAV and Petty Officer Joelson Nery / CECOMSAER *** Translated by the DEFCONPress FYI Team ***

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