FAB - Video about the first week of the Salitre ExerciseFAB - Video about the first week of the Salitre Exercise

In the training, the Brazilian Air Force operates from the Cerro Moreno Air Base, in Antofagasta, Chile

Agência Força Aérea, por Tenente Flávia Rocha E Major Oliveira Lima

Seven aircraft and 75 military personnel from the Brazilian Air Force (FAB) are participating in the fourth edition of the Salitre Multinational Exercise, which takes place from October 10 to 21, in the city of Antofagasta, Chile.

The air combat training, promoted by the Chilean Air Force (FACh), includes the participation of air and human resources from the Air Forces of Argentina, Brazil and Chile, a cell from the United States Space Force, as well as observers from Canada, Peru, Mexico and Uruguay.

This is the fourth time that the FAB is participating in the exercise, the last version of which was held eight years ago, in 2014. In this edition, the Brazilian delegation is made up of 75 military personnel and includes the participation of seven aircraft from FAB, belonging to the First Fighter Aviation Group (1°GAVCA) – Jambock and Pif-Paf Squadrons; the First Squadron of the Fourteenth Aviation Group (1/14th GAV) – Pampa Squadron; the First Troop Transport Group (1° GTT) – Zeus Squadron; and the First Squadron of the First Transport Group (1/1st GT) – Gordo Squadron.

Reporting: Lieutenant Flávia Rocha /CECOMSAER – Video: Petty Officer Joelson Nery / CECOMSAER


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