In an unprecedented way, FAB performs multiple launches in the Yanomami regionIn an unprecedented way, FAB performs multiple launches in the Yanomami region

In order for aid to reach the indigenous communities, the launching of supplies is necessary and effective, due to the geographical and physical conditions of the site

Air Force Agency, by Lieutenant Eniele Santos

In a serious situation of public calamity, already declared by the Ministry of Health (MH), the Yanomami indigenous tribes are using humanitarian aid to survive. To bring food and medicine to the region, the Brazilian Air Force (FAB), under the coordination of the Ministry of Defense (MD), acts with the daily transport of cargo and aeromedical evacuation.

As part of the mission, on the morning of January 24, the C-105 aircraft, operated by the 1st Squadron of the Fifteenth Aviation Group (1°/15° GAV – Jaguar Squadron) carried out, in an unprecedented way, the multiple launching of 2 tons of medicines and basic medical products, such as serum, gases, syringes, among others.

According to the pilots responsible for the flight, Captain Vitor Graeff and Captain Renê Luiz Pereira Da Costa, performing this type of launch is important because it gives the mission greater agility of delivery, which generates, consequently, greater economy of means and supplies. “With the multiple launching, we are able to carry a larger amount of cargo and, mainly, in a faster way, since several procedures are reduced. Today we are able to transport 5 loads at once to the tribes in need. An unprecedented achievement for our Squadron”, they reported.

In this mission, the actual multiple launching took place in the Surucucu region – interior of the State of Roraima – and, there, the medicines will be transported, by helicopter, to be used in the medical treatments carried out by the Aeronautics and Federal Government health teams that are on site.

According to Captain Graeff missions like these show the real goal of the Air Force, which is to be able to reach places that are geographically impossible. “Give us a mission and we will never fail to accomplish it,” concluded Captain Graeff.

Unprecedented flight

The multiple launch is a procedure that consists in launching loads from an appropriate fixed platform, with the use of parachutes, at approximately 1000 feet, and the launching of up to 5 loads is possible. Achievements of this magnitude demonstrate the great logistical competence developed by the Air Force, which allied to the preparation and skill of the crews, makes it possible to distribute a large amount of material using only one aircraft.

This was the first time that the C 105, operated by the Jaguar Squadron, performed a flight of this nature, making it a historical achievement and, above all, a source of great pride, since, with this action, they were able to help save lives.

Positive balance

Today alone, the FAB has already transported 574 baskets, which totals 9,874 kilos of food baskets and more than 3 tons of medicines and hospital supplies. At the same time, the Air Force is transporting the fuel that fuels the aircraft used to transport the supplies between communities, helping more than 30 thousand indigenous people throughout the region.

Photos: Sergeant Lucas Nunes/ Cecomsaer. Video: Sergeant Lucas Nunes and Sergeant Neris/ Cecomsaer.
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