FAB deploys provisional aircraft refueling point in SurucucuFAB deploys provisional aircraft refueling point in Surucucu

The new refueling point will provide speed to the mission’s actions

Air Force Agency, by Aspirante Vieira

In order to optimize the logistical actions of the mission of humanitarian aid to indigenous Yanomami communities, the Brazilian Air Force (FAB) deployed on Tuesday (24/01), in Surucucu (RR), a flexible fuel tank with a capacity of 10,000 liters, which will enable the supply of aircraft in the locality.

In addition, two motor pumps were transported to the region, by means of a C-98 Caravan, for plotter fueling – the process of transferring fuel from an external tank to the aircraft.

To supply the 10 thousand liter reservoir, FAB uses 28 flexible 200 liter tanks – totaling a capacity of 5,600 liters – which will be used to transport the fuel from Boa Vista to Surucucu. On Wednesday morning (25th), 1,800L of aviation kerosene (QAV) were transported to the region.

Initially, the mission had only one refueling point, in Boa Vista. As a result, the aircraft refueled in the capital and transported the flexible tank for refueling during the missions. With the appearance of new villages in need of service, the demand increased, making it necessary to set up a refueling point in Surucucu.

About the operation

The operation, coordinated by the Ministry of Defense (MD), involves C-98 Caravan, C-105 Amazonas, H-60 Black Hawk and KC-390 Millennium aircraft, with the mission of transporting food, medicine, equipment, and aeromedical evacuations on a daily basis.

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