FAB transports to Boa Vista about 100 men of the National ForceFAB transports to Boa Vista about 100 men of the National Force

Military will act in the protection of isolated indigenous people

Air Force Agency, by Lieutenant Eniele Santos

On Tuesday night (07/02), the KC-30, KC-390 Millennium and C-105 Amazonas aircraft of the Brazilian Air Force (FAB) transported about 100 men of the National Force to the Boa Vista Air Base (BABV). With this, they are now part of Operation Yanomami.

In the capital of Roraima (RR), the National Force will be used for the actions of the National Foundation of Indigenous Peoples (FUNAI) in the protection of isolated indigenous people, in order to strengthen especially the security of the FUNAI bases and also the Yanomami people. In this mission, the Federal Police (PF) will also act in logistical support along with the Armed Forces to restore not only health but also indigenous security.

National Force

Created in 2004, the National Public Security Force is a program of cooperation between the Brazilian states and the Federal Government, with the purpose of helping the federative entities in activities and services essential to the preservation of public order and the safety of people and property. In this way, it also acts in situations of emergency and public calamities.

The National Force is not part of the Armed Forces, since it is composed of Military Policemen, Military Firemen, Civil Police Officers and forensic professionals from the states. The security agents of the states are selected by the Union and take instruction courses. Thus, they are at the disposal of the state and can be assigned for up to two years.

Photos: Sergeant Lucas Nunes / CECOMSAER

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