FAB launches materials for runway reconstruction in SurucucuFAB launches materials for runway reconstruction in Surucucu

With the recovery, it will be possible to land larger aircraft

Air Force Agency, by Lieutenant Eniele Santos

Still in action in Operation Yanomami, the Brazilian Air Force (FAB) concluded the release of materials for the recovery of the runway of the Fourth Special Border Platoon (4th PEF), of the Brazilian Army (EB), located in the region of Surucucu (RR), whose only means of access is by air.

In all, 36 tons of repair materials and equipment such as a soil compactor, asphalt cutter and blower were dropped off. In the first phase, before the start of the operation, 25 tons were launched. In the second phase, about 2.5 tons were launched, in missions of utilization, ending, this Tuesday (02/07), with the sending of 7.5 tons.

Soon after the arrival of the inputs, the work will be in charge of the military of the Sixth Construction Engineering Battalion (6th BEC), of the EB.

The recuperation of the runway, located 270 kilometers from the capital Boa Vista, will meet not only the demands of the FAB, but also those of the 4th PEF and indigenous communities, improving support to the region, since it will make it possible to land larger aircraft.

Yanomami Operation

The Brazilian Air Force has been involved in Operation Yanomami since January 22, carrying out the launch and transport of medicines and food that are distributed among the indigenous communities of the region, devastated by this serious health crisis. Since the beginning of the operation, adding up to more than 441 hours of flight time, the FAB has already sent 3,939 food baskets, 78.7 tons of food and medicine, and performed 74 aeromedical evacuations.

Photos: Sergeant Lucas Nunes / CECOMSAER

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