FAB launches video in honor of Aviator's Day and Brazilian Air Force Day

Video pays tribute to FAB’s main commemorative date

Air Force Agency, Major Oliveira Lima

October 23 is celebrated as the Day of the Aviator and the Day of the Brazilian Air Force (FAB). The date honors aviators who cross the skies inspired by the Father of Aviation, Alberto Santos-Dumont. The date is a reference to the inventor’s greatest achievement, when, in 1906, he made the first heavier-than-air flight. Aboard the 14-Bis, Dumont took off from Bagatelle field, in France, marking the beginning of the evolution in the means of transportation on earth.

FAB produced a video in honor of its main commemorative date. The product conveys a message about the achievements that were born from the dream of flying, showing the history, trajectory, and composition of FAB.

Note: Video in Portuguese

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