FAB Commander delivers lecture to Veterans, in Rio de JaneiroFAB Commander delivers lecture to Veterans, in Rio de Janeiro

The presentation is part of a series of events held in October to celebrate Airman’s Day and the Brazilian Air Force Day

Another lecture aimed at the military reserve was held this Tuesday (10/18), in celebration of Airman’s Day and Brazilian Air Force (FAB) Day. This time, the presentation given by the FAB Commander, Air Lieutenant Brigadier Carlos de Almeida Baptista Junior, was directed to the Old Guard of the state of Rio de Janeiro (RJ). The event took place at the Air Force University Auditorium (UNIFA) and was attended by 170 General Officers and Officers, from yesterday and today.

As in the other presentations, Lieutenant-Brigadier Baptista Junior addressed the Air Force’s current situation: the consolidation of the organizational structure with the latest acquisitions, the improvement and development of the Air Force Health System, among other subjects. “Our goal is to bring a general panorama of how our Air Force is doing, in the most diverse areas, but mainly, the news about the Air Force Health System, which has been continuously developed and improved, aiming for reception and zero queue,” commented the General Officer.

Also at the event, the Aeronautics Commander pointed out that the current scenario presents constant changes and demands a strategic vision for the future of the FAB, in which it is necessary to be aware of the geopolitical context and the new opportunities. “Investment in the aerospace sector is also a fundamental point for the Air Force of the future,” he added.

At 91 years old, the General Officer with the oldest enlisted date present at the lecture, Air Brigadier Clóvis de Athayde Bohrer, thanked for the Commander’s presentation and highlighted the importance of the annual activity. “We had the opportunity to hear, with great propriety, an exposition about the current situation of our Air Force. And what we saw and heard makes us very proud, because we see that the Institution is on the same level as the best Air Forces in the world, maintaining the sovereignty of the airspace and integrating the national territory with the objective of defending our Homeland”, he declared.

The event was attended by General-Officers from the Aeronautics High Command; as well as Commanders, Chiefs and Directors of Military Organizations; and General-Officers and Colonels from FAB.

The lectures of the Commander of the Aeronautics for the reserve military have been held since 2010.

Photos: Sgt. P. Silva / CECOMSAER – Video: Sergeant Neris / CECOMSAER *** Translated by the DEFCONPress FYI Team ***

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