FAB installs Approach Control in Surucucu (RR)FAB installs Approach Control in Surucucu (RR)

Due to the large number of aircraft flying through the region on humanitarian aid missions to the Yanomami indigenous communities

Air Force Agency, by Lieutenant Eniele Santos

This Sunday, January 29, in order to enhance the work done in the region of Surucucu (RR), where indigenous communities are plagued by a serious health crisis, the Brazilian Air Force (FAB) installed Approach Control (APP) to increase the security of the airspace in the region, which has been receiving a large flow of aircraft from the FAB and also from the Brazilian Army (EB), active in this humanitarian aid mission.

The assembly of the structure began on Saturday, January 28th, with the first visit of the technical and operational teams, in which actions to improve the energy supply system, the runway, the patio, the signaling and the firefighting system were indicated.

And, it was concluded with the installation of all the communication, telephony and meteorology equipment necessary for air traffic control, having, in this way, the control of three aircraft: two C-98 Caravan and one H-60 Black Hawk.

Under the coordination of the Fourth Integrated Center for Air Defense and Air Traffic Control (CINDACTA IV), the mission was activated after reports that the operation at the Surucucu Airfield was showing a high flow of aircraft in support of Operation Yanomami. “On the same day, we started the mobilization of a team consisting of 11 professionals. The Aerospace Operations Command (COMAE), promptly made available the aerial and military means to deploy to Surucucu, in order to contribute to the safety of the airspace in the region,” explained the Coordinator of the mission to install the APP in Surucucucu, Captain Antônio Gilson Novaes Cardoso da Silveira.

CINDACTA IV, through the Air Traffic Management (ATM) Sub Division, made available the RNP approach procedure, which uses airborne capability and allows aircraft to operate within a specific “flight path”, with guaranteed continuous monitoring of the position – of Surucucu, which has been fundamental in this period.

Air Traffic Control, Meteorology and Aeronautical Information

Controlling the air space, as well as aircraft traffic, is essential for maintaining the safety of air operations. Such resources enable the temporal ordering of flights, providing agility and efficiency in the flow of aircraft.

The Aeronautics Command, for the purpose of providing air traffic services in Brazil, follows the standards and methods recommended by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).

Photos: CINDACTA IV. *** Translated by the DEFCONPress FYI Team ***

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