FAB holds ceremony in honor of Veteran's DayFAB holds ceremony in honor of Veteran's Day

The Brazilian Air Force Veterans Day is an emblematic date for the Institution, since July 16, 1945 marked the return of those who fought in the skies over Italy during World War II

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The Veterans Reception Base (BREVET), held on Friday (07/15), in its facilities at the legendary Campo dos Afonsos (Afonsos Field), Rio de Janeiro (RJ), the ceremony alluding to the Brazilian Air Force (FAB) Veterans Day, which is celebrated on July 16. The celebration was marked by the presentation of souvenirs to the honorees, and by the presentation of the Veterans’ Song.

The ceremony was attended by the Chief of Staff of the Air Force, Air Lieutenant Brigadier Marcelo Kanitz Damasceno; the General Commander of Personnel, Air Lieutenant Brigadier Ricardo Reis Tavares; the Secretary of Economics, Finance and Administration of the Air Force, Air Lieutenant Brigadier Ricardo Augusto Fonseca Neubert; The former Commander of the Air Force, Lieutenant Brigadier Carlos de Almeida Baptista; the Director of the Veterans Reception Base, Colonel Elaine Plaza Montenegro, among other military personnel.

The Chief of Staff of the Air Force spoke about the importance of the date for the Institution. “July 16th was the date we chose so that we could express all the respect that we, who are still active, could give to these military personnel who built this Air Force, which is only 81 years old. There is a lot to be done, but what we have today, looking back, is a great structure, one that has delivered a lot to Brazil,” pointed out Lieutenant Brigadier Damasceno.

In his speech, the General Staff Commander highlighted that, besides the recognition for the time of active service rendered to the Nation, the contribution of the experience and wisdom of the Veterans throughout their trajectories to the aggrandizement of FAB stands out.

“These and many other achievements not only draw the valuable profile of our Veterans, but also inspire our active duty military, allowing them, from the past that was bequeathed to them, to look to the future with a view to the progressive growth of the Air Force,” said Lieutenant Brigadier Reis.

The former Commander of the Aeronautics, Air Lieutenant-Brigadier Baptista, 90 years old, veteran with the oldest rank at the event, believes that the date is destined to be one of the main ones to be celebrated in the future in the FAB. “It is a homage of gratitude that everyone who is on active duty today pays, and rightfully so, to those who made the Force,” he pointed out.

For the Commander of the Veterans troop, Air Brigadier Clóvis de Athayde Bohrer, 98, holding the ceremony brings a sense of appreciation to those who contributed in some way to the growth of the FAB. “I am happy to see the recognition by our corporation of the work of those who contributed to make our Air Force what it is today. This date shows that our Air Force is not absent from the past of those people who helped build it,” he concluded.

The FAB Veterans Day

The Aeronautics Command Directive (DCA) No. 11-127/2020 establishes the procedures and responsibilities for making July 16 the Brazilian Air Force Veterans Day, since 1945 marked the return of those who fought in the skies over Italy during World War II.

. The measure aims to recognize men and women who wore the aeronautical blue with honor and dedication, in order to value the professionals who worked for the improvement of the FAB throughout its history.

The term “Veteran”, in turn, is commonly used to designate someone experienced, and, specifically in the military, a person who has served for many years in the Armed Forces. The word also has the connotation of an experienced or knowledgeable person. Such men and women put Patriotism, Discipline, Commitment, Professionalism and Integrity in evidence, which have become principles that guide the Institution.

Intelligent Life Test

This Friday (July 15), the Directorate of Personnel Administration of the Air Force (DIRAP), in partnership with the Computer Center of the Air Force in Rio de Janeiro (CCA-RJ), launched, in commemoration of Veterans Day, the Intelligent Life Proof: a new system that checks, by consulting databases, if there is enough evidence to certify that veterans and pensioners are alive, and thus require the Proof of Life only when the data obtained are not sufficient for that. For more information on the new systematics, click here.

Photos: Sergeant Bianca Viol / CECOMSAER – Video: Sergeant Figueira / CECOMSAER *** Translated by the DEFCONPress Team***

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