KC-390 MillenniumKC-390 Millennium

In the operation, the KC-390 Millennium aircraft dropped 25 tons of supplies to the military troops based in the location

1°/1° GT, by Lieutenant Samir – Air Force Agency

The First Squadron of the First Transport Group (1°/1° GT) – Gordo Squadron, based at Galeão Air Base (BAGL), in Rio de Janeiro, activated by the Aerospace Operations Command (COMAE), carried out, on Monday (09/01), an Air Resupply Action with the KC-390 Millennium aircraft. The destination was the Brazilian Army’s Fourth Special Border Platoon (4th PEF), located in the Surucucu airfield, in the city of Alto Alegre, Roraima.

The operation took place until Sunday (01/15). During the mission, 25 tons of supplies were delivered to the military troops based there, including food, supplies and construction material.

For the Commander of the Aircraft, Major Aviator Romulo dos Santos Pinto, it is a reason for great joy to be able to accomplish this mission. “By launching these materials, we not only help ensure the well-being of the military in the border regions, but we also reaffirm our commitment to protect and serve our country. This success was only possible due to careful planning, rigorous training, and the dedication of our teams,” he said.

Launch System

The KC-390 Millennium has a fully automated in-flight cargo handling and launch system where the loadmaster can manage all activities, thus reducing labor and increasing safety and situational awareness. For the pilots, a system called Continuously Computed Drop Point (CCDP) automatically calculates the optimum launch point, resulting in improved mission accomplishment accuracy. Thus, the aircraft performed within the expected qualitative aspects and with excellent accuracy.

Photos: EB; COMAE; BAGL; and 1º/1ºGT

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