Contract with Vortex Aircraft Services to Onboard BeaconAircraft Maintenance Mechanic Inspecting and Working on Airplane Jet Engine in Hangar

– Vortex intends to use Beacon to simplify and enhance the coordination of maintenance events

– Beacon continues expanding its presence within the US

Embraer signs a contract with Vortex Aircraft Services for the use of Beacon, the maintenance coordination platform connecting resources and professionals for faster return-to-service aircraft. Vortex Aircraft Services, a U.S.-based company specializing in aircraft on ground (AOG) and scheduled maintenance events, will use Beacon to enhance maintenance coordination and responsiveness to AOG services, simplify communication around maintenance events of all types of aircraft models, increase team productivity and efficiency, improve knowledge exchange, and streamline workflows.

“As a fleet-agnostic platform, Beacon is an ideal partner for Vortex, a company providing maintenance and repair services on a broad range of aircraft from different original equipment manufacturers. Every minute counts in aviation. Beacon will help Vortex improve their coordination efficiency of AOG events and field maintenance, foster more effective collaboration, and maintain their high standards of quick response to critical maintenance events,” said Marco Cesarino, Head of Beacon. 

By onboarding Vortex, Beacon is expanding its presence within the U.S. maintenance and repair market and complementing Vortex standards for service excellence for both their commercial and private aviation customers. “We firmly believe in strengthening the quality of work and response for our customers. The Beacon platform aligns with our vision to expand in Charlotte, NC, which remains a strategic location for Vortex and its customers as a hub for air carriers and all operations traveling through the Southeast United States. By joining Beacon, we continue to make our relationship more dynamic between our customers and us so we can keep them flying,” said Luis Osuna, Director of Maintenance.

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