FAB assists in the seizure of one ton of drugsFAB assists in the seizure of one ton of drugs

During this weekend’s action, two FAB A-29 Super Tucano aircraft helped curb suspicious aircraft

Air Force Agency, Lieutenant Wanessa Liz

In conjunction with the Federal Police (PF), the Brazilian Air Force (FAB) helped seize almost a ton of drugs, including skank and cocaine, this weekend in Roraima. Two A-29 Super Tucano air defense aircraft were used to monitor and control the airspace.

During the action on Saturday (02/12), the aircraft flew over two locations that were being monitored by the Federal Police. The joint action collaborated with the work of the investigators, as it maintained policing of the local airspace in case the suspects took off.

On Sunday (03/12), the Federal Police received information that led to an abandoned vehicle in the municipality of Bonfim (RR), where the cargo of almost a ton of drugs was found.

For COMAE, carrying out an action like this once again demonstrates the Force’s readiness and operability at any time of the day or night.

Ensuring Law and Order

This weekend’s actions are part of Operation Air Bridge, to Guarantee Law and Order at Galeão (RJ) and Guarulhos (SP) Airports, in which the Air Force Command is responsible for immediately strengthening crime prevention and repression actions at these airports and on the border strip of Brazilian territory, in conjunction with the Federal Police and the Federal Highway Police, within the scope of their powers, in compliance with Decree No. 11,765 of November 1, 2023.

Photos: Sergeant Bianca / Brazilian Air Force and ASCOM/PF-RR

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