FAB Air Force police take action in Galeão's postal delivery areaFAB Air Force police take action in Galeão's postal delivery area

Detection dogs were used in an action coordinated with the Federal Revenue Service

Air Force Agency – CECOMSAER, by Lieutenant Colonel Zucarelli

On November 10, the Brazilian Air Force (FAB), through the Law and Order Assurance Battalion of Rio de Janeiro, carried out an Air Force Police action consisting of the use of specialized dogs to detect drugs, weapons and other illicit items arriving through the international postal delivery area of Galeão Airport.

The action was coordinated with the Federal Revenue Service and included the participation of military personnel from the FAB’s Defense and Security Group and revenue agents responsible for defining the process of selecting and sniffing out the material, corroborating one of the basic premises of the planning of the Operation to Guarantee Law and Order (GLO), which is collaboration between the Agencies with a view to increasing the effectiveness of inspection activities.

The Commander of the GLO Battalion, Infantry Colonel Rodrigo Alves dos Santos, commented on the importance of this operation. “This action is very important, because it degrades the capacity of Criminal Organizations in the repression of illicit actions, through Air Force action in coordination with the Federal Revenue Service,” he said.

The Brazilian Air Force was called in by the Federal Government to act in the GLO, according to Decree No. 11.765, of November 1, 2023, with the aim of strengthening the fight against drug trafficking, arms and other illicit conduct through preventive and repressive actions.

Photos: Lieutenant Colonel Zucarelli / CECOMSAER

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