Daten announces investment in Columbus and strengthens Defense and Security portfolioDaten announces investment in Columbus and strengthens Defense and Security portfolio

Investment strengthens Daten’s strategy to expand participation in the sector, adding more technology and services to the portfolio

Daten, a 100% Brazilian company specializing in the production of computer equipment, announces an investment and relevant stake in Columbus – a strategic Brazilian company in the Defence and Security segment that produces vehicles and armoured vehicles, and was founded by engineers from the former ENGESA, responsible for developing all its projects such as the URUTU, a military icon of the Brazilian Army.

Daten’s investment represents another important step in its strategy to expand its participation in the Defense and Security market, and demonstrates the company’s ongoing commitment to providing high-performance solutions to meet the evolving needs of this sector in an increasingly complex world.

“With the agreement, we will unite Daten’s ability to produce and ship technology with Columbus’ services and projects, bringing more security and operational efficiency to defense and security players,” says Augusto Pitanga, director of Daten’s Defense and Security area.

Columbus, now part of the Daten group, brings a wealth of knowledge to provide engineering projects, specialized maintenance and spare parts to extend the service life of defense products manufactured by Engesa, historically one of the largest producers of military equipment for land use in the country. Columbus’ maintenance and spare parts services cover the entire range of military vehicles manufactured by Engesa, such as EE-9 Cascavel, EE-11 Urutu, EE-3 (Jararaca) EE-15 (4×4 truck), EE-25 (6×6 truck), EE-1, among others.

Columbus has already worked on several initiatives with the Brazilian Army. The company was responsible for the project and prototype for revitalizing the Urutu M-II vehicle, which was approved by the Brazilian Army Evaluation Centre (CAEx). The work involved replacing the vehicle’s vital items, such as the engine and transmission, which had already been discontinued by the automotive industry, while maintaining the characteristics of the original vehicle and at low cost.

In addition to providing maintenance and spare parts, Columbus also develops new vehicles. For example, the company was contracted by the Brazilian Army to develop the design and prototype of the Chivunk Light General Purpose Airborne Vehicle (VLEGA), which is intended to serve the Paratrooper Brigade and the Light Infantry Brigade. The project was managed by the Brazilian Army Technology Center (CTEx) and resulted in the manufacture of three prototypes. The model is currently in the Pilot Batch approval phase.

Columbus also developed the ½ ton and ¾ ton load capacity models of the Marruá family of Non-Specialized Transport Vehicles (VTNE). These units were designed following the Basic Operational Requirements (ROB) and Basic Technical Requirements (RTB) issued by the Brazilian Army General Staff and evaluated by CAEx. The projects were sold to Agrale, which has already produced more than 3,000 units of these vehicles.

Another Columbus initiative involves the Marruá Light Tactical Vehicle (LTV), focused on the needs of the Light Infantry Brigade. Columbus was contracted by Agrale to develop the military solution to be applied to the model, which is already exported to other countries. Columbus also worked with Agrale to develop the 2.5-ton Non-Specialized Transport Vehicle (VTNE), a truck for transport in tactical conditions. The company transformed a civilian truck in production into a VTNE for military use in accordance with the Basic Operational Records issued by the Brazilian Army General Staff. The vehicle has been submitted for assessment by CAEx and is awaiting adoption by the Brazilian Army.

According to Pitanga, these are important examples of how Columbus can meet the current demands of a segment undergoing rapid technological evolution. “We are committed to continuing to innovate and invest in the development of cutting-edge technologies that guarantee Security and Defense in a constantly evolving environment. By investing in Columbus, we reaffirm our commitment to the sector,” he says.

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