COMPREP holds III Sectoral Strategic Learning Meeting in São PauloCOMPREP holds III Sectoral Strategic Learning Meeting in São Paulo

The meeting discussed risk management and other issues for the improvement of organizations subordinate to the Command

Air Force Agency – Lieutenant Bontempo and Lieutenant Larissa

The Preparedness Command (COMPREP) held the III Sectoral Strategic Learning Meeting (III RAES) between September 3 and 5 at São Paulo Air Base (BASP). The purpose of the meeting was to discuss Risk Management within COMPREP.

The Preparedness Commander, Air Brigadier Sergio Roberto de Almeida, who chaired the meeting, stressed the importance of exchanging information. “The aim of the III RAES is to disseminate the directives and guidelines of the Preparedness Commander to subordinate Military Organizations, to verify performance indicators and the conformity of command actions in the context of the Operational Preparedness Planning and Control Processes, as well as to disseminate best practices and enhance the exchange of experiences and information between the various Commanders and Directors,” said the General Officer.

The event was attended by COMPREP’s Chief of Staff, Major General Luiz Guilherme Silveira de Medeiros; the General Officers in charge of COMPREP’s sub-chiefs, as well as some of its staff. Also present were the Commanders and Directors of the subordinate Military Organizations.

“The focus of the III RAES was on verifying and managing the risks present in the subordinate organizations, which need to be verified and mitigated, so that they don’t impact on the delivery of the desired results,” added Lieutenant General Almeida.

The COMPREP Commander also said that the expectation is that the organizational structure can be constantly checked and adequately adjusted to the various scenarios, whether administrative or operational, so that the maximum effectiveness of the aerospace resources is achieved in fulfilling the institutional mission of the Preparedness Command and the capabilities of the Brazilian Air Force.  

After the meeting, the BASP Commander, Colonel Leonar Tiago Barbosa, expressed the staff’s great satisfaction at receiving COMPREP leaders for a high-level forum, in which participants were able to receive superior guidance, listen to other Commanders’ positive experiences and lessons learned, which, added together, contribute to mutual maturation and process improvement. “The joint work of the São Paulo Support Group, BASP and the Aeronautics Logistics Institute made the event a success,” said the officer.

RAES is a cycle of four annual meetings. This year, the first two took place in Salvador (BA), in April and June, and the last one is scheduled to take place on November 20 and 21, with a location to be determined.

COMPREP is the organization responsible for the seven Regional Air Commands (COMAR) and their nineteen Bases with their air units; as well as the Operational Applications Institute (IAOp) and the Brigadeiro Velloso Proving Ground (CPBV).

Photos: Corporal Zancanaro and Private Takashi /BASP *** Translated by DEFCONPress FYI Team ***

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