CBC launches new family of exclusive ammunition for Polymatch trainingCBC launches new family of exclusive ammunition for Polymatch training

Companhia Brasileira de Cartuchos (CBC), Strategic Defense Company and world leader in ammunitions, with the commitment of always keeping updated and in accordance with the legislations and good practices in force, published the new CBC Trust Third Party Code of Conduct, which is now in its 2nd version.

The code has been in force since 2021 and this new updated version was developed in compliance with the new Decree 11,129/2022, which regulates the Anticorruption Law 12,846/2013. In addition, it reinforces some guidelines related to the conduct of business, anti-corruption and anti-bribery practices, and the commitment to combat arms and ammunition trafficking.

The document is part of the CBC Trust Integrity Program – which also follows in constant improvement, with the updating of its controls, procedures, training, and policies -, and applies to all third parties that relate to the company (suppliers, service providers, and business partners), internally or externally, nationally or internationally.

It establishes behaviors and ethical standards in accordance with the national and international legislation and CBC internal regulations, including laws related to anti-corruption and anti-bribery, competition, business conduct, quality of products or services, national legislation and international treaties to combat the trafficking of weapons and ammunition, confidentiality of information and data protection, social media and communication, commitment to the environment and social responsibility, respect to health, safety, human rights, labor, local legislation, including fiscal and tax, but not limited to these.

“We count on our partners to comply with the guidelines of this Code and to promote its dissemination to their employees so that we can always conduct our business ethically, with integrity, transparency and respect, free from acts of corruption, discrimination or unethical behavior. This is a guide that gives us guidelines to always do the right thing, both in conducting our business and activities and in our relationship with society, guiding us to make ethical and correct decisions in our daily lives. It is a way to extend these concepts to everyone with whom we relate inside and outside the company and for CBC to always continue being this great company, serving the country, our customers and all third parties in a transparent, fair and honest way”, says CBC’s President, Fábio Luiz Munhoz Mazzaro.

The Code of Conduct for Third Parties is published on the company’s website. To check it out, access www.cbc.com.br

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