Ceremony marks the incorporation of the Submarine Riachuelo to the Brazilian defenseCeremony marks the incorporation of the Submarine Riachuelo to the Brazilian defense

By Mariana Alvarenga

Rio de Janeiro (RJ), September 1, 2022 – An important milestone in the history of the Brazilian Navy: the Naval Force received the Riachuelo, the first of a new class of conventional submarines with diesel electric propulsion. The ceremony took place this Friday (1), at the Madeira Island Submarine Base (BSIM), in Itaguaí, Rio de Janeiro. The ship represents an advance for the National Defense by expanding the means available for combat.

The Minister of Defense honored the event, accompanied by the Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation, and the Commander of the Navy. On the occasion, the Strategic Project’s Armament Showcase was also held. This consists of an inspection of the submarine, to verify contractual requirements and clauses. In this case, “Armament” has nothing to do with weapons, but rather with armament, i.e., all the material necessary for the use of the vessel. After this inspection, the submarine is ready to start operation.

Prosub – The Riachuelo is the first delivery of the Submarine Development Program (Prosub), a partnership between Brazil and France for the production of four conventional submarines and the manufacture of the first Brazilian submarine with nuclear propulsion. As of this incorporation, the vessel will become part of the Brazilian Navy’s Naval Operations Command.

Because of their capacity to conceal themselves on the sea bed, submarines are considered the most capable means of promoting naval deterrence, i.e., of demonstrating combat power and intimidating potential aggressors. The Riachuelo was manufactured by Itaguaí Construções Navais and represents an increase in the naval industry and a strengthening of the Brazilian economy. The vessel is derived from the French Scorpène class, developed from an original project of the Naval Group company, modified and enhanced by Brazilian engineers.

The signature of the Submarine Armament Agreement, by the Minister of Defense, the Navy Commander and other authorities involved, formalized the incorporation and transfer of the submarine to the Navy’s operational sector. As of this act, it will become part of the Naval Force and will start activities of protection and defense of the Brazilian “Blue Amazon”, enabling a more effective presence of the Navy in the South Atlantic.

Tribute – The Submarine Riachuelo was so named in honor of the Naval Battle of Riachuelo, which took place in 1865 during the Triple Alliance War. On that occasion, Brazil, still under the imperial regime, fought for the maintenance of its territorial integrity, an event that became known as one of the main and toughest combats faced by the Brazilian Navy troops.

Photos: Igor Soares – Special Advisory of Social Communication (Ascom) – Ministry of Defense
*** Translated by the DEFCONPress team ***

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