Brazil's Ministry of Defense accompanies military training for 4th generation warfareBrazil's Ministry of Defense accompanies military training for 4th generation warfare

By Mariana Alvarenga

Campo Grande (MS) – Contributing to peace among nations is part of the work of the Armed Forces. In this context, the 5th edition of the Joint Exercise (Excon) Tápio 2022 takes place. This military training is aimed at fighting insurgent or paramilitary forces in the context of irregular warfare or 4th generation warfare. This type of conflict does not originate from states, but from criminal or terrorist groups. The activities aim to prepare the troops for possible action in United Nations (UN) peacekeeping missions.

The Minister of Defense and authorities were at Campo Grande Air Base, in Mato Grosso do Sul, to monitor the second phase of Excon, in which 52 military personnel from the Brazilian Navy (MB), 51 from the Brazilian Army (EB), and 733 from the Brazilian Air Force (FAB), besides 100 military personnel from the American National Guard, are participating. This is the second time that members of the American Armed Forces take part in the activity.

During the institutional visit, the Defense delegation toured the training camp, where activities are carried out to simulate unconventional warfare scenarios. The authorities also observed the 33 aircrafts in operation, being transport planes and Brazilian and American helicopters.

Phases – The Excon Tapio takes place in two phases: the first, between August 7th and 14th, aimed at qualifying rescue men in Tactical Pre-Hospital Care techniques. The second takes place between August 15 and September 2, with simulations of irregular warfare scenarios, involving attack missions, aerospace reconnaissance and air infiltration.

The 5th edition of the Operation has some innovations, such as in-flight aircraft refueling. In this case, the procedure is carried out by refueling a helicopter from another. The supplying aircraft has enough fuel to transfer to the others and still remain in safe flight.

Rescue – One of the simulations foresees the rescue of an injured pilot located on enemy soil. Six paratroopers from the Combined Combat Search and Rescue Task Force, composed of members from the Brazilian Air Force (FAB) and the U.S. Air Force (USAF), are assigned to the operation. This was the scenario of the operational demonstration witnessed by the delegation, which ended with the team jumping and supporting the injured military.

Conception – Exercise Tápio began in 2018, to train FAB squadrons and Infantry Units of the Force Readiness Command in the fulfillment of Air Force actions in a scenario similar to that found in UN peacekeeping missions.

Photos: Igor Soares and Sergeant Viegas / CECOMSAER *** Translated by the DEFCONPress Team ***

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