Brazilian Navy conducts integrated trainingBrazilian Navy conducts integrated training

Operation Aderex-Amphibious 2022 reinforces the Brazilian Navy’s ability to project power from sea to land

By First-Lieutenant (RM2-T) Vanessa Mendonça – Rio de Janeiro, RJ

To improve the techniques for landing resources and military personnel on land from the Fleet ships, both by surface and by helicopters. This is the central point of Operation Aderex-Amphibious 2022, which begins today (28th) and lasts until July 8th, in the maritime area between the states of Rio de Janeiro and Espírito Santo.

“It is a great training opportunity, because the Fleet Marine Force will conduct an amphibious incursion, preparing our personnel for the projection from sea to land, either using Landing Craft and Amphibious Caterpillar Carriers (CLAnf) or aircraft. The operation will also allow the infiltration of special operations elements through techniques such as Operational Free Jump (method of infiltration in a terrain that is difficult to access by parachuting) and Tethered-Duck (landing made from a helicopter in a water environment with a dinghy and the necessary equipment to accomplish a combat mission),” said the Commander of the Landing Force, Sea and War Captain Luís Felippe Valentini da Silva.

“Aderex-Amphibious 2022 is an opportunity for us to establish close contact with the maritime community. In this case, in Rio de Janeiro and Espírito Santo, demonstrating our ability to provide maritime security, especially in the Campos Basin. As well as offering the opportunity for the Espirito Santo community to get to know our ships and better understand our work,” said the Task Group Commander, Rear-Admiral Marcelo Menezes Cardoso.

About 1,700 military personnel are participating in the training, embarked in the Combat Vehicle Landing Craft (NDCC) “Almirante Saboia”, in the Multipurpose Dock Ship “Bahia”, in the Frigate “Constituição”, in the Frigate “Liberal”, in the Ocean Support Ship “Purus”, in the Ocean Patrol Ship “Apa”, in the Patrol Ship “Macaé”, and in the General Cargo Landing Craft “Camboriú”.

The Landing troop will use Amphibious Caterpillar Cars, Armored Vehicles on Wheels “Piranha”, Unimog S5000 Vehicles and 105mm Light Gun Guns. The Task Group will also be supported by aircraft Super Cougar (UH-15), Seahawk (SH-16), Super Lynx (AH-11B), Squirrel (UH-12), Skyhawk (AF-1), of the Brazilian Navy, and the P-3AM aircraft of the Brazilian Air Force, as well as a detachment of Combat Divers and Special Operations elements.

Armored vehicle on wheels “Piranha” boarding the NDCC “Almirante Saboia

Agência Marinha de Notícias *** Translated by DEFCONPress Team ***

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