The Ministry of Defense (MD), through the Special Advisory on Planning (ASPLAN), held on Wednesday (01), the opening of the Symposium “The Strategic Environment of the 21st Century” in the context of the review of the National Defense White Book 2024 (LBDN 2024 – Livro Branco de Defesa Nacional). The event takes place over two consecutive days, at the Superior Defense School (ESD – Escola Superior de Defesa), in Brasília (DF).

The activity will be attended by representatives of the Armed Forces, the University of Brasília (UNB), the Institute for Reform of State-Company Relations, the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Catholic University of Brasília, the Center for Sovereignty and Climate, and also the ESD.

The MD’s Special Advisor for Planning, Brigadier General Fernando Marques de Freitas, welcomed the participants of the symposium and spoke about the attributions of ASPLAN. Next, Sea and War Captain Luis Olavo Athayde Zuniga addressed the National Defense White Paper. “The White Book is not a government book, but a state book, sustained on the tripod of communication, transparency and diplomacy. The LBDN is the most complete document about Brazil’s defense activities,” he said.

The Symposium also included other lectures. UNB Professor Antonio Jorge Ramalho Rocha talked about the Contemporary International System. The Head of the United Nations Division of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Minister Viviane Rios Balbino, addressed Global Governance and Brazil’s aspiration in the United Nations Security Council.

The event aims to characterize the strategic environment of the 21st century with a focus on contemporary international and national systems. On the occasion, issues and information of great importance related to the strategic environment of the 21st century were discussed, and should be part of the LBDN 2024.

The LBDN is the most complete document about Brazil’s defense activities. Comprehensive, it aims to clarify the Brazilian society and the international community about the policies and actions that guide the security and protection procedures of our sovereignty.

By Lieutenant Cristiane dos Santos – Photos: Corporal L. Carvalho and Sd Pedro Lucas
Special Advisory of Social Communication (Ascom) – Ministry of Defense (MD)

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