Crédito: Cel Grala - Ch MIADHCrédito: Cel Grala - Ch MIADH

Bogota (Colombia) – On July 14, Brazilian military personnel from the Mission of Instructors and Advisors in Humanitarian Demining in Colombia (MIADH-CO), led by Engineering Colonel Marton Daniel Grala, participated in a coordination meeting at the Colombian Navy’s Demining and Amphibious Engineers Battalion, aiming to begin Brazil’s support to the internal quality management work of the unit’s humanitarian demining operations.

The committee was received by Marine Lieutenant-Colonel Robinson Carvajal González, commander of the military organization, who presented the deployment of the battalion throughout Colombia and its capabilities, which include, besides humanitarian demining, the use of explosives, military demining, construction, and risk management and attention to natural disasters.

The participation of Brazilian Engineering, through MIADH-CO, contributes to expand the operational capacity of the Colombian Military Forces in the activities of explosive artifacts and antipersonnel mines removal.

Source: Aditância do Brasil na Colômbia

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