Brazilian Marines gather military authorities from nine countries for international symposiumBrazilian Marines gather military authorities from nine countries for international symposium

Representatives of the United States and China meet for the first time since the presidents of the two countries met two weeks ago

By Captain (T) Fabrício Costa and First Lieutenant (T) Ederson Soares – Rio de Janeiro, RJ

The 4th Marine Corps Symposium (CFN) brought together military personnel from Argentina, China, Colombia, South Korea, Spain, the United States, France, Italy and Portugal in Rio de Janeiro (RJ). With the theme “The challenges of operational readiness in a changing world”, the event marked the first meeting between the Commander of the US Marine Forces South, General David Bellon, and the Commander of the Chinese Marine Corps, Admiral Zhu Chuansheng, after the meeting between US President Joe Biden and Chinese President Xi Jinping two weeks ago.

Organized every eight years, the Marine Corps (CFN) symposiums focus on doctrinal development, long-term planning, structural changes and outlining the institution’s strategic actions, as well as allowing the strengthening of friendships with friendly nations, the exchange of knowledge and the sharing of experiences between participants. Held at the Admiral Sylvio de Camargo Instruction Center (CIASC), this fourth edition began last Monday (27) and will end tomorrow (1).

“The world today is surrounded by many uncertainties and transformations. There are several armed conflicts going on at the moment. This shows the importance of being prepared and ready whenever Brazil needs us. With this in mind, this symposium has a strong international dimension, with the presence of nine friendly nations. Each country represented here has undergone significant and different changes in recent years. That’s why this exchange of experience is so enriching for all of us,” said the Commandant General of the Marine Corps, Fleet Admiral Carlos Chagas Vianna Braga.

During the week, there were bilateral meetings, thematic panels, presentations by Working Groups, visits to Military Organizations, parades, operational demonstrations and exhibitions of armoured vehicles and materials. These actions help to ensure that the Marines of the Brazilian Navy (MB) are permanently updated and able to respond to the demands of Brazilian national interests wherever, however and whenever necessary.

On the evening of Tuesday (28), there was also a cultural program at the São José Fortress, on Cobras Island, in downtown Rio, for the Commanders General of the participating countries and guests. The Parade After Sunset recounted the history, culture, traditions and values of Brazil’s amphibious and expeditionary troops par excellence with a special performance by the CFN’s Symphonic and Martial Bands. The show paid homage to Amphibious Operations, extolling the evolution over time of the Marine Corps of all the nations present at the Symposium, and featured the participation of the children’s choir from the Forces in Sport Program (PROFESP).

Admiral Carlos Chagas considers the human factor to be one of the most important aspects in conflicts and reinforces the need for the military to be constantly prepared. “This symposium is about the future of our Marines and developments to meet the new demands that are emerging, whether in terms of personnel, doctrine, materials or any other area. It is essential to emphasize that we are aware of everything that is happening around the world and are preparing for the war of the future, which will certainly be unlike any other that has ever taken place,” he concluded.
Source: Agência Marinha de Notícias

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