Brazilian Defense Minister and military authorities visit facilities in RoraimaBrazilian Defense Minister and military authorities visit facilities in Roraima

Public health emergency was declared in order to speed up the assistance to the indigenous people

Air Force Agency, by Lieutenant Eniele Santos and Captain Alcoforado

On Wednesday (02/08), a committee formed by the Minister of State of Defense, José Múcio Monteiro Filho and the Minister of State of Human Rights and Citizenship, Silvio Luiz de Almeida; accompanied by the Commander of the Brazilian Air Force (FAB), Air Lieutenant Brigadier Marcelo Kanitz Damasceno; the Commander of the Brazilian Army (EB), Army General Tomás Miguel Miné Ribeiro Paiva and the Chief of the Joint Staff of the Armed Forces (EMCFA), Admiral Renato Rodrigues Aguiar Freire, landed at the Boa Vista Air Base (BABV) in order to monitor the actions of assistance from the Federal Government to the indigenous Yanomami people.

Due to the gravity of the situation, the Federal Government declared a public health emergency to speed up the assistance to the indigenous people. According to Defense Minister José Múcio. “I was very pleased to see the Field Hospital (HCAMP) set up by the Air Force. I want to congratulate everyone for this work. There is [Click here to download the original image] much to be done, and all together, by joining forces, we will be able to provide the necessary help that the moment demands,” he commented.

Acting in Operation Yanomami, the Army and Air Force work together to meet all indigenous needs, both those related to the delivery of food and medicines and medical treatment.

Positive balance

Until this Wednesday, the FAB has transported 4,090 food baskets and more than 78 tons of groceries and medicines. Furthermore, with the setting up of the Field Hospital, it has already provided more than a thousand consultations in the specialties of clinical medicine, pediatrics, pathology, orthopedics, gynecology, dentistry, general surgery, and cardiology. In addition to laboratory exams, ultrasounds and transfers to reference hospitals for indigenous people in more serious cases.

Photos: Sergeant Figueira / CECOMSAER *** Translated by the DEFCONPress FYI team ***

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