Brazilian Air Force (FAB) presents the potential of the KC-390 Millennium at RIAT 2022Brazilian Air Force (FAB) presents the potential of the KC-390 Millennium at RIAT 2022

A committee of Officers and crew of the KC-390 Millennium, from Gordo Squadron, represented the Brazilian Air Force at the aviation fair, which is considered one of the largest in the world

Source: Agência Força Aérea, by Tenente Letícia Faria

The KC-390 Millennium, of the Brazilian Air Force (FAB), an aircraft operated by the First Transport Group Squadron (1º/1st GT) – Gordo Squadron, from the Galeão Air Base (RJ), was on display at the Royal International Air Tattoo (RIAT 2022) between July 15 and 17. The aviation fair held in Fairford, England brought together military personnel from dozens of countries, as well as visitors, corporate guests and global partners.

In addition to the presence of the tactical and logistical transport and in-flight refueling vector, developed and manufactured by Embraer, a Brazilian company, FAB sent a committee of General Officers and Officers to learn about the news in the sector, as well as to exchange experiences.

Brazilian Air Force (FAB) presents the potential of the KC-390 Millennium at RIAT 2022

About the fair

The fair, which did not take place in previous years due to the restrictions of the COVID-19 pandemic, was resumed this year with the objective of gathering curious people and aviation lovers who follow attentively in the skies the overflights and maneuvers. The visitors had the opportunity to know an exhibition with hundreds of aircraft of all shapes and sizes, epochs and countries of the world, such as the military aircraft of the Royal Air Force, American, French, Italian among others.

The RIAT has this name in allusion to the images that the aircraft form in the skies with the smoke during the maneuvers they perform, creating symbols, shapes, circles, that is, making a kind of “tattoo or drawing in the sky”.

FAB at RIAT 2022

Brazilian Air Force (FAB) presents the potential of the KC-390 Millennium at RIAT 2022

The Commander of the Brazilian Air Force, Air Lieutenant Brigadier Carlos de Almeida Baptista Junior, was part of the delegation that participated in the event. Before RIAT, the General Officer was at the Global Air & Space Chief’s Conference (GASCC), where he signed the Declaration of Intent for Global Air Forces Collaboration on Climate Change.

Lieutenant-Brigadier Baptista Junior, accompanied by other FAB military personnel, also participated in meetings and visited several stands to learn about technological innovations in the aviation sector. “It is in these opportunities that we bring Brazilian products, what we are doing in our country and with our Air Force. We have here a KC-390, a product of Brazilian industry, the result of a partnership between Embraer and the Force more than ten years ago, no longer a prototype, but a series aircraft that is operating at Galeão Air Base with our crew. This generates an integration with the other Air Forces that are thinking about how to replace their transport aircraft of this class, of 20 to 24 tons”, he commented.

The General Officer also highlighted the opportunity to be close to industry representatives, besides interacting, developing trust with allies and presenting the necessary material for FAB to continue planning the next programs, always focusing on the evolution of the Institution.

For the Commander of the General Support Command, Air Lieutenant Brigadier Pedro Luís Farcic, who was also at the fair, the event becomes of unique relevance, especially for the current moment, operational and logistical, that FAB finds itself. “We are living a unique moment in FAB, with the receipt of new projects such as the KC-390 Millennium, Gripen and happy with the acquisition of two aircraft that will be the future strategic refuelers, the A-330. These innovations require a technological complement that a fair like this greatly facilitates our knowledge,” he added.

RIAT 2022: Training the Air Force of the next generation

Brazilian Air Force (FAB) presents the potential of the KC-390 Millennium at RIAT 2022

This year’s RIAT 2022 has as its central theme “Training the Air Force of the next generation”. In order to broaden knowledge, the FAB Commander invited military personnel who work in the training and specialization of Air Force pilots, among them the Commander of the Air Force Academy (AFA), Air Brigadier Marcelo Gobett Cardoso; the Commander of the First Squadron of the Eleventh Aviation Group (1/11th GAv) – Gavião Squadron, Lieutenant Colonel Aviator Everson Lousano Galvão the First Squadron Commander of the Fifth Aviation Group (1º/5th GAv) – Rumba Squadron, Lieutenant Colonel Rosemberg Gomes da Silva; and the Commander of the AFA’s First Air Training Squadron, Major Aviator Guilherme Gonçalves Herculian.

The AFA Commander, the FAB Teaching Organization responsible for training Air Force Air Force, Lieutenant and Infantry Officers, commented on the participation in RIAT 2022. “Being here is an excellent opportunity to learn about the new concepts, techniques and doctrines related to primary and basic aerial instruction for military pilot training, as practiced by the other Air Forces participating in RIAT, with the purpose of studying possible improvements in the training of the future Airman Officer,” highlighted the General Officer.

The commander of the Gavião Squadron, Lieutenant Colonel Galvão, who works in the specialization of pilots in FAB, emphasized the opportunity to participate in the fair. “It is very important to add knowledge and promote the search for excellence in the preparation of future FAB combat pilots,” he added.

The Rumba Squadron Commander, Lieutenant Colonel Rosemberg also commented on the event. “Being present at RIAT is a great opportunity to have contact with the most up-to-date doctrine from other countries, which enables us to reflect on our own and perhaps improve or maintain what is already being done,” he said.

The FAB KC-390 Millennium

Brazilian Air Force (FAB) presents the potential of the KC-390 Millennium at RIAT 2022

The KC-390 Millennium, on display at RIAT 2022, is a tactical military transport aircraft designed to set new standards in its category. Some of the aircraft’s strengths are mobility, robust design, increased flexibility, proven state-of-the-art technology, and easier maintenance.

The KC-390 Millennium Commander in the mission, Air Captain Romulo dos Santos Pinto, highlighted the importance of participating in the fair and his professional satisfaction for the opportunity to showcase FAB’s operational potential outside of Brazil, through the KC. “The great thing about this aircraft is that it can, in a short period of time, be configured to perform several types of missions such as tactical, low altitude navigation, cargo and personnel launch, firefighting, in-flight refueling, search and rescue. And, for me, it is a privilege to have this opportunity to participate in the fair, we are not only showing the capabilities of the aircraft, but also the capabilities of Brazil and the Brazilian people who are highly competent, have development to produce an aircraft of this capacity and show it to the world, even because it doesn’t lose to any other that is here, it stands out being a reference in the Royal International Air Tattoo”, finalized the Officer.

During the visitation period, aviation enthusiasts got to know the aircraft and commented about the opportunity to be close to an aircraft manufactured in Brazil and that fulfills several missions for the FAB.

“It’s a great satisfaction to be here and see an aircraft like this, with all Brazilians and to talk about Brazil, it kills the nostalgia and it makes us proud of being Brazilians”, said the visitor, Giovanni Paolini, who was born in Goiânia, but lives in England for a little over five years.

“I believe that the KC-390 is going to be a great addition to the Royal Dutch Air Force, it will serve us well by transporting the supplies we need, and it’s also a very modern aircraft. So I think it will serve us well,” said Royal Dutch Air Force Military Officer Jacco Weidenaar.

The RIAT ended on Sunday (07/17), and so the delegation headed on Monday (18) to another fair, the Farnborough International Airshow (FIA 2022), held at Farnborough Airport, a city located about 15 minutes away from flying aboard the KC-390, which will also be on display for military, business and visitors from all over the world.

Photos and Video: Petty Officer Manfrim / CECOMSAER *** Translated by the DEFCONPress Team ***

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