Authorities highlight investment in technology and integration of public forces in the fight against organized crimeAuthorities highlight investment in technology and integration of public forces in the fight against organized crime

Embraer and the Navy sign agreement to develop on-board Surface Search and Coastal Surveillance Radars. Companies present innovation and technology solutions for the public and corporate security sector at event in São Paulo

The opening ceremony of LAAD Security & Defence 2024, Brazil’s leading business event for the security and defense sectors, was held on Tuesday morning (April 2) in São Paulo (SP) and was attended by police and military authorities, international delegations, speakers and exhibitors.

Welcoming those present, Sergio Jardim, director of Creative Events Brazil, LAAD’s promoter, highlighted the importance of this edition, which marks the event’s return to the São Paulo capital after a four-year break due to restrictions imposed by the Covid pandemic. “There are more than 100 brands from 12 countries represented at the fair, as well as the presence of 69 delegations from 35 nations, which have already scheduled 600 meetings with our exhibitors for partnerships, business and networking,” said the executive.

Next, São Paulo’s Municipal Secretary for Urban Security, Elza Paulina de Souza, greeted those present on behalf of Mayor Ricardo Nunes, highlighting him as “a manager who has made unparalleled investments in the security of the city of São Paulo”, emphasizing the increase in the Metropolitan Civil Guard and the renewal of equipment and vehicles.

“Investment in security is robust and, at a fair like LAAD, we can’t stop talking about technology and its importance for the city.” On the subject, the secretary mentioned the “Smart Sampa” project, which should have 20,000 cameras by the end of the year, and its characteristic of being an integrating platform for the various security systems in São Paulo, as well as the innovative use of drones to monitor events and risk areas. “I’m very honored to be here and say that the city of São Paulo is committed to security,” added Elza Paulina.

The Ministry of Justice’s National Secretary for Public Security, Mario Luiz Sarrubbo, highlighted LAAD as an important event in the current world and Brazilian scenario, where criminal organizations and urban violence are on the rise, “a fact that requires investment and integration of state forces”. Sarrubbo also highlighted the importance of dialogue with the police and armed forces to tackle organized crime and investment in technology and equipment. “It’s a trade fair that interests the public security sector to learn about new technologies and security to promote citizenship in Brazil. Private companies and public authorities to build a better Brazil,” concluded the secretary.

The executive secretary of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation, Luís Manuel Rebelo Fernandes, stressed that the return of LAAD to the city of São Paulo also signals “the return of the security and defense binomial as an axis of development and the right to security and life in Brazil”. For him, this edition of the event “marks the marriage of defense, security, science and technology, which are represented at this opening table”. For him, this “is an important integration, because the areas of security and defense, and the national capacity for security products, are central pillars of Brazil’s new industrial policy,” added Fernandes.

Embraer and the Navy

The Brazilian Navy and Embraer signed a partnership agreement at LAAD 2024 for mutual support in research, development and innovation. The aim of the cooperation is to develop on-board Surface Search and Coastal Surveillance Radars, with an increase in the maturity of the Gaivota X Radar.

The studies by the Brazilian Navy and Embraer cover the integration of the Gaivota X Radar with the Georeferenced Command and Control System (SisC2Geo) and with the Unified Situational Awareness System for Maritime Information Acquisition (SCUA). The cooperation makes an important contribution to increasing both the high technological content of the Navy’s Strategic Programs and the development of the Defense Industrial Base, one of the main objectives of the National Defense Strategy.

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