Atech participates in ComDCiber's Cyber Guardian 4.0 ExerciseAtech participates in ComDCiber's Cyber Guardian 4.0 Exercise

Atech, a company of the Embraer Group, participated in the 4th edition of the Cyber Guardian Exercise (EGC), the largest cyber defense training program in the southern hemisphere. The event, organized by the Brazilian Armed Forces’ Cyber Defense Command (ComDCiber), started on Tuesday (16) and ends on Friday (19), in Brasília (DF).

During the exercise, Atech worked with the “Air Defense System – SDA”, which simulates the monitoring and control of air space, reproducing a system with military characteristics in which “vulnerabilities” are inserted to be exploited in cyberspace, both by those who defend and those who attack.

SDA employs integration, governance, sensors, command & control (C4I) and broad situational awareness (C2) concepts and technologies. The C4I receives, filters and collects information from the radar simulator, classifies the aircraft track data, receives data from the missile launchers, processes all this data, and sends the hostile target information to the weapon system gateway. In addition, it updates the target and missile information on the command and control servers.

This is the second time the company participates in the Cyber Guardian Exercise. In addition to its expertise in systems integration, air traffic control and monitoring, command and control system technologies, and combat systems and simulators for the military and civilian areas, Atech adds to EGC 4.0 all its know-how in cyber security, including insights captured during its participation in Locked Shields, global training with a military focus conducted by NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) in June of this year, which also focused on the defense of critical systems.

In this edition of the EGC, Tempest Security Intelligence, also from the Embraer Group, specialized in cybersecurity, participated in the exercise together with Atech. Tempest is one of the largest Brazilian companies specialized in cyber security and digital fraud prevention, with internationally recognized expertise.

According to information from ComDCiber, EGC 4.0 had the collaboration of 110 organizations and companies, as well as 450 civilian and military participants who operated collaboratively practicing protocols for preventive and reactive measures against cyber incident scenarios that had effects on strategic structures, requiring unity of effort with integrated and interagency response. Part of the participants worked in hubs installed in São Paulo and Brasília and another part worked remotely.

“The cyber exercises bring maturity to the actors involved, aiming for greater effectiveness in the protection of critical structures and systems. These simulation activities also promote a better evaluation of the consequences of cyber attacks for the real world,” explains Andersonn Kohl, Atech’s Commercial Manager in the Defense and Security area.

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