Atech at LAAD Security 2024: Innovation in Public SecurityAtech at LAAD Security 2024: Innovation in Public Security

Embraer Group company presents advanced solutions for special operations

Atech, an Embraer Group company, will present its latest solutions for public security at LAAD Security 2024, one of Latin America’s leading fairs for the security and defense sector. The event takes place from April 2 to 4 at the Transamerica Expo Center in São Paulo.

At stand B50, together with Embraer, Atech will be highlighting GDI (Incident Management), a platform that represents a significant advance in the use of command and control capabilities.

GDI uses IoT (Internet of Things), georeferencing (GIS) and cloud or on-premise computing environment technologies, with cyber security. It enables interoperability with other systems and the integration of data from various devices and sensors.

Among the devices that can be integrated are bodycams, cell phones, communication radios, vehicles, boats, helicopters, cameras and drones. The data is collected in real time and displayed in an organized and contextualized way in fixed or mobile command centers.

Versatile and effective, the GDI has three key applications that have been specially incorporated to meet the needs of police operations in the field. These are The Drone App, which enables data captured by drones to be shared; the Video App, which collects images in real time; and the Mobile App, which enables tracking and the secure and efficient exchange of text messages and photos between operators during operations. Arkhe Governance

GDI is a module in Atech’s Arkhe Governance portfolio. Three other solutions from the same product family will be highlighted at LAAD 2024: Arkhe Athena, Arkhe Data Analysis (ADA) and Arkhe Integrated Surveillance.

Arkhe Athena is a security tool that tracks and monitors cyber threats, strengthening the ability to respond immediately to incidents. Its modular approach allows for easy and rapid expansion to protect future projects and new systems, while maintaining security awareness and practices.

ADA is a robust platform, capable of handling and analyzing a large volume of data. With a friendly and dynamic graphical interface, the platform’s dashboards enable advanced, real-time analysis, carried out according to the desired parameters, which can involve cross-referencing data collected from various sources of information.

Arkhe Integrated Surveillance is designed to monitor, plan and control military operations on land, in the air or at sea. It integrates different sensors and systems, enabling interoperability with other control centers, whether fixed or mobile, and the secure transfer of strategic data.

transfer of strategic data. With this tool, a Force can make more assertive decisions during threat monitoring and containment missions.

“Our tools have differentiated capabilities that meet the needs of agents in the field and in command centers. They generate strategic advantages for Public Security operations and contribute significantly to preventing and combating crime,” says Claudio Trapaga F. Nascimento Filho, Atech’s Commercial Manager.


Among the capabilities and functionalities of the solutions that will be presented by Atech at LAAD 2024, the following stand out:

Situational Awareness: GDI provides a comprehensive, real-time view of the theater of operations, allowing users to monitor and understand the scenario of an incident or situation in real time.

Risk and Threat Control: By collecting and integrating data from various sources, GDI helps to identify and assess risks and threats, enabling a rapid and effective response.

Rapid Responses: Based on real-time analysis of available information, GDI empowers operators to make quick and assertive decisions, facilitating the implementation of appropriate response measures to mitigate crises and emergencies.

Data integration: The platform is capable of integrating data from different sources, such as drones, IoT systems, sensors, surveillance cameras, among others, providing a comprehensive and unified view of the operational environment.

Flexibility and Versatility: GDI is highly adaptable and can be configured to meet the specific needs of different scenarios and types of incidents, from natural disasters to public safety operations.

Advanced data visualization and analysis: ADA offers large-scale data analysis capabilities, enabling the identification of patterns and trends that can be key to strategic decision-making. The visualization panel makes it easy to understand and interpret the data, providing relevant insights for users.

Threat Detection: Arkhe Athena is able to detect anomalies and potential cyber threats in real time, assisting in the early identification of problems and the implementation of preventive measures.

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