obuseiros 155 mm M114 ARobuseiros 155 mm M114 AR

From June 13 to 17, the General Câmara War Arsenal (AGGC) delivered revitalized 155mm M114 AR and 105mm M101 AR artillery shells to the 3rd Supply Battalion, to be distributed to the Army Artillery units.

The revitalization process aimed to increase the availability of material for the Field Artillery Groups. After the recuperation maintenance was carried out in the unit’s heavy weapons workshop, the guns were sent to the Butia Training Field for technical shooting.

In addition to the howitzers, the AGGC also delivered 7.62mm M964 (FAL) rifles, .50 M2 Browning machine guns, 9mm Beretta pistols, 36mm grenade launchers, and ground reinforcement plates, for subsequent distribution to the various military organizations of the Land Force.

The AGGC, a military organization directly subordinated to the Manufacturing Directorate, has as its mission the maintenance, recovery, and manufacturing of Military Employment Materials (MEM). Currently, the War Arsenal carries out maintenance of heavy armament and light armament, the manufacturing of engineering material parts (bridges, shutters, walkways and ground reinforcement plates) and the casting of copper-zinc alloy (brass).

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